Funeral Costs Dig Deep

In South Africa, there are at least 9.2 million adults with funeral cover. That is besides those that pay for mortuary and burial society costs only.

South Africans realise that burial costs do dig deep and that the best thing to do is to take this cover out.

The fact of the matter is we are all going to die one day, and we are all bound to attend a few funerals in our lifetime as well.

A survey already done in 2013 by Finmark Trust revealed that millions of South African adults had opted to take burial cover.

More people Are in Favour of Burial Insurance Cover

Funeral Costs About 25% of the population claimed that they were paying towards a burial society. More and more people were opting for the insurance cover while the membership numbers for burial societies was declining.

The survey found that in the year 2013, new members seeking funeral cover from insurance companies had reached around 2.6 million.

The survey also revealed that most of these numbers who had taken out cover had taken out a minimum of at least two of the funeral cover products. This survey positively showed that huge portions of the population were opting not to take out burial society cover. They were looking at funeral policies either from their banks or their insurance companies.

Avbob Funeral Costs

How much will a funeral cost? Is buying cover a necessary and worthwhile investment? Is it affordable? One of the cheapest insurance packages is available from Avbob Mthatha at just over R10 000. That will include a coffin, a grave tent, having the event announced in the newspaper, removal of the body in the area as well as the preparation of and storage of the body.

They also register the death and include fresh flowers in the price. The Municipality of Mthatha will charge grave fees of around R850. That is for a deceased adult, and if it is for a child, the fee is around R460.

Choose your package

Bear in mind that funeral fees can escalate drastically. For this reason, you need to remember what package you opt for and the trimmings you want to enjoy.

For instance, if you opt for a more expensive funeral, you would possibly get a larger, more expensive hearse and a limousine for immediate family members transport. The coffin might have embellishments on it with satin or velvet trimmings. That would all depend on the package the main member is willing to pay.

The State will Cremate a Body if there is No Money

Sometimes a family member passes away in a state hospital, with no money set aside for a proper service. The person may have died with no family members willing to pay or who no one can trace.

Usually, the management of the hospital arranges a pauper’s burial. Some funeral parlours handle pauper funerals. They will make the necessary arrangements, and then cremate the body at the expense of the state.

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All info was correct at time of publishing