How to Live-stream a Funeral on Video

To Live-stream a funeral may sound bizarre to some.

For others who have grieving family and friends all over the world, this bit of modern technology is a real lifesaver.

For those living far away, or even for those unable to attend due to illness or inability to travel, to watch a funeral service live, as it’s happening, makes them feel as if they’re participating. People feel connected to their family and friends, even though they may be many miles away.


How it works – Live-stream a Funeral

  • Live-stream a FuneralIf you would like to have a service live-streamed, look no further than Tasteful Transitions.
  • They start the live-streaming 10 minutes before the ceremony begins. It’s to enable the viewers time to log in.
  • The camera that does the live-streaming will be at the back of the church or hall, enabling the best possible coverage.
  • There is only a few seconds delay in the broadcast, which the viewers will not even notice.
  • Tasteful Transitions will send one of their agents to you, to discuss the details and format of the service.
  • They will ask you for nine photos, which they will include on your Memorial Gallery web page.
  • On the Tasteful Transitions website, you will find coverage of the funeral service on this private Memorial Gallery page. A unique password protects this site.
  • An 8-12 minute edited version of the service is made available for family and friends to download afterwards.
  • The full service is pieced together, copied to DVD, and presented to the family in a special leather case.
  • The price of live-streaming a funeral service begins at $750.


How to do it yourself – Live-stream a Funeral

You will need a webcam and a mic (to enhance the quality of the sound)

You will also need a camera that is designed to link directly to a powerful computer. The minimum specifications for this will be:

  •  Dual/Quad Core Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12 MB VRAM (Video Ram)
  • Bandwidth upload of 1.2Mbps – 1.5Mbps


You will then need to choose a website to broadcast your service. There are quite a few sites that do this free of charge:


They will then give you the necessary instructions on how to connect to their servers, and create a link to your broadcast. Your viewers will then be able to click on this link.

As you can see, you can do the live-streaming yourself. However,

  • You will need to have a fair bit of technical knowledge to be able to do this efficiently.
  • Another problem is that you do not always have access to all the expensive equipment necessary to make a successful broadcast.
  • If You are close friends or family of the dead; you do not feel like the hassle and stress of setting this whole thing up, while you are grieving and feeling stressed-out.


For these very reasons, Tasteful Transitions has taken away all these negatives, and offers you kind, considerate, and accommodating advice on live-streaming your memorial service with their professional help.

Allow your friends and family from far and near to take part in this memorial day. Help them to feel able to pay their last respects by being part of the unique service with you.


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