Death Notice and Obituary Templates

Creating a death notice or obituary for a loved one is so simple.

With Everplans for instance, you can find out all about this and find the ideal templates for your convenience.

You will notice that some of the information will be in [brackets] and also in bold. Importantly, that is where you edit the information to your requirements about the particular person who has passed away. Then you can print out the edited version.

The Templates Range from a Simple Announcement to More Informative

Death noticeTemplate 1:

  • The name of the deceased person
  • Their age at death
  • Their relationship to any survivors
  • The date of their death
  • Name of donor
  • Where to make donations


[Simons, Suzette], [83]. Our beloved [aunt] passed away on [July 28, 2015]. Make any memorial donations in [Suzette’s] name to [The Suzette Simons Foundation].

Template 2:

  • The Name of the person who died
  • Their age at passing away
  • The date of their death
  • The location of their death
  • The names of the surviving and predeceased members of family
  • Details of funeral service


[Leverson, Conrad], [92], peacefully passed away [Tuesday, July 4, 2015] at [his home] in [Carolina]. [He] is survived by [his son Andrew] and was predeceased by [his wife], [Jane], and [his child Erin].

The funeral service will be performed by [Reverend David Potter] at the [Montecassidy Graveyard] on [Tuesday, July 11, 2015] at [3:00 pm]

Template 3:

  • The name of the deceased
  • Location and date of death
  • Their age at death
  • Location and date of birth
  • Early education
  • Information on marriage
  • Professional information, interests, and achievements
  • Personal interests and characteristics
  • Receipt of any awards
  • Surviving family member names
  • Funeral service details which include name of funeral home
  • Information on charity donation


[Albert Eggerley], of [Charlton, NJ], died on [Sunday, April 10, 1952] at [Charlton Hospital]. [He] was [72]. [The Deceased] was born on [May 14, 1880] in [Black Forest, Germany]. He attended [Ludwig Elementary School], [Einstein High School], and [EHS Zürich]. In [1903] [he] married [Melissa Marjić], and together they had [1] child, [Hansen]. [They divorced in 1921] and [Albert] then [re-married] to [Elbeth Lötter].

[Albert] worked as a [bank clerk] at the [Swiss Bank] and so dedicated himself to [assisting unconditionally]. Afterwards, he served as a member of the [National Association for Abused Animals] and in [1923] he was awarded the [Nobel Prize in Compassion to Animals]. In addition, he was a unique soul. [Albert] was very [funny], and enjoyed [walking in nature with friends and family]. We will greatly miss [Albert].

[Albert] leaves [his son] and was [predeceased by his wife, Melissa]. A memorial service organized by [Muller Funeral Services] will be held at the [Baptist Church of California, Charlton] on [August 7, 1952]. Please make memorial donations in [Albert’s] name to the [Charlton Abused Animal Society].

Once you have written your death notice or obituary, you can then learn how to submit the obituary to a newspaper or website.

Death notice

A Death Notice is Not Difficult

Significantly, the most important thing with writing an obituary or death notice is simply to start. so don’t put off writing your own obituary because it seems too complicated. And there are websites which offer a convenient service on how to write a professional looking and worded death notice document.

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