Much More4U from Old Mutual

Old Mutual offers a lot More4U your family and your future. More4U from Old Mutual are value-add-ons which are brought to from independent service providers. You are able to access this benefit if you have an Old Mutual Group Scheme policy and you are the main members of a burial or funeral scheme.

If you have a loan from Old Mutual and your payments are up to date, the More4U value-added benefit is also for you.  Basically speaking, it offers you and your family extra support for the future. If you want to know more about these wonderful value-add-ons, then you can call 0860 00 19 19 and find out all about what is on offer.

Portrait of an African American family looking very happy outdoors

Portrait of an African American family looking very happy outdoors


Some of the benefits it provides –

  • Financial wellness
  • Education support
  • Legal support
  • Funeral support
  • Emergency and medical response
  • Health and wellness
  • HIV support and trauma


More4U – A Host of Support Under one Umbrella

  • From Monday to Friday you can rely on More4U’s credit support. These people are on standby to assist you in managing your finances. This means you improve your credit status. They offer assistance with your budgeting and how to manage your debt. You can also attend financial education workshops.Also available on Mondays to Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm is access to Teachers-On- Line – available during the school term. You will receive telephonic assistance if you are a learner in grades 4 to 12. Help with subjects such as English, Maths, Natural Sciences, Accounting, Computer Sciences, etc. is available – this service is available only in English and Afrikaans.
  • Should you have a legal dispute and don’t know where to turn, More4U offers a 24-hour legal helpline where you will find qualified attorneys to assist. They offer legal guidance on legal matters like employment, family law, labour law and criminal law. Consultation will be offered and if it is necessary, a face-to-face legal consultation is available where the first 30 minutes will be free.
  • Funeral assistance is also available to you through More4U. If a member has passed away, you will receive assistance with the transportation of the body to the nearest funeral home that is closest to where you will have the body buried. The relative who accompany the body can have access to free accommodation, and also receive help with arranging the funeral and organising a death certificate, etc. Trauma counselling and legal assistance will be provided as well.


More4U – Health and Wealth Benefits

More4U also takes care of preventative health measures for you, such as blood pressure testing, BMI, TB or cholesterol – even flu inoculations which will not cost you extra. There is a 24-hour helpline that will offer you advice on health matters such as HIV where you can receive free counselling and testing from professional medical experts.

Discounts are available on your appointments if you are on the More4U network of doctors, optometrists, dentists as well as maternity products. More4U offers you emergency medical response and also trauma, assault and HIV support. Counselling from highly trained specialists is also available.


Finding out about More4U is important for the wellbeing of you and your loved ones into the future. With so much More4U from Old Mutual, you cannot afford not to call the customer line and join up as soon as possible to ensure peace of mind.

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All info was correct at time of publishing