Government Employees’ Pension Fund (GEPF) Funeral Benefits

There are some funeral benefits for members of the GEPF. The GEPF stands for Government Employees’ Pension Fund. It is important to have a great knowledge about the funeral benefits for GEPF members.

What are the funeral benefits for GEPF members?

The main funeral benefit for a Government Employees’ Pension Fund member consists normally the amount of seven thousand, five hundred rand (R7 500). This specific amount is also payable when the spouse of the GEPF pensioner’s spouse or life partner. The benefit amount for an eligible child is normally three thousand rand (R3 000).

The Government Employees’ Pension Fund is always trying to pay out this funeral benefits about 72 hours after receiving the application. The funeral payment is paid out as a lump sum and is taxable.

Government Employees' Pension FundWhen a Government Employees’ Pension Fund member dies

When a GEPF member dies, it is important to know that:

  • Government Employees’ Pension Fund is going to contribute towards the funeral of the member, by paying funeral benefits to the next of kin.
  • If the GEPF pensioner dies the first five years of retiring, the GEPF is going to pay the full balance or the retirement annuities to the beneficiaries of the pensioner. The same goes if the GEPF pensioner dies within the first five years of being discharged.
  • When the GEPF pensioner leaves someone behind that was depending on the pensioner, like a spouse or orphaned children, they will qualify for monthly pension benefits. Meaning that the GEPF will make sure that the family will be able to survive without the diseased GEPF pensioner


What needs to be provided by the family to receive the funeral benefits from GEPF?

To be successful with the application of getting the funeral benefits from the Government Employees’ Pension Fund there is a certain document that needs to be provided. It’s important to have a clear knowledge about the documents that needed to be submitted. Here are the documents that needs to be submitted for receiving the funeral benefits from GEPF when a member or family of the member dies:

  • The correctly and completed funeral benefits form, also known as the Z300.
  • The original, certified copy of the death certificate. The certificate should not be older than six months and should be issued by the department of home affairs.
  • Also, a certified copy of the green barcode ID document of the deceased. In case of a child, a certified copy of the birth certificate should be provided.
  • The certified copy of the green barcode ID document of the applicant. Passport will also be accepted.
  • A correct and completed banking particulars form, also known as the Z894. Otherwise the funeral payment will be made via the nearest Post Office.

It is also really important to know that if the applicant wants to receive the money via their bank, they need to make sure that all these above documents are hand delivered to the GEPF offices. If the applicant wants the money delivered via Post Office, email or faxed copies of the above documents will be allowed.

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All info was correct at time of publishing