Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan Details

You don’t have to be a soccer player to invest in a Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan. Kaizer Chiefs have won the league many times. And they also have a winning recipe for funeral plans. Kaizer Chiefs offer financial products for individuals and families. Hollard underwrites the Kaizer Chiefs funeral plan. They are a registered financial services provider. Funeral cover is available from R85 per month and covers individuals up to 75 years.

The funeral plan for individuals can also include your partner and children. You do this by just adding the funeral benefit for families to your Individual Plan.

Claiming from a Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan

With a Kaizer Chiefs funeral plan, should you or a loved one pass on, then you can put in an application for a payout. With your Kaizer Chiefs funeral policy, you’ll receive money within 48 hours. To get a payout, ensure you provide all the necessary Kaizer Chiefsdocumentation.

  • The amount paid out to you is between R10 000 to R50 000.
  • The cover is for you, your spouse and children. However, the cover can be extended to include your parents.
  • South Africans between the ages of 18 and 75 are eligible for this plan.


More Benefits from the Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan

  • The policy pays out a cash lump sum on your death. But it also pays out an amount when a family member passes away.
  • You can get up to R50 000 for your partner
  • The policy pays R10 000 for each child
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Vehicle access benefits for up to 6 days and the first tank of petrol is free.
  • Monthly provider benefit of up to R1200 per month. And this benefit will continue for 12 months after the death
  • Memorial benefit – up to R10 000 one year after your death. However, this amount will go towards expenses for the unveiling ceremony


How to Apply for a Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan

  • Fill in the online form on the Kaizer Chiefs website and you can do this from your home or office.
  • An agent will call you back.
  • Make sure you have your personal details ready for when they call. For instance, you will need your ID number.
  • There are waiting periods for funeral benefits, meaning that the policy pays nothing if death takes place during the waiting period, which are:
    ▪12 months for death from natural causes
    ▪12 months for parents benefit
    ▪Twelve months for death from suicide
    ▪24 months for death from pre-existing conditions


Cancellation of Policy

If you cancel your Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan within 30 days of commencement, then you’ll receive your premium back in full. But cancel it after the 30 days, and you get nothing.

Death doesn’t respect age or wealth. When death comes, then without a funeral plan, then you risk losing more than your loved one. Make it your goal to call Kaizer Chiefs Financial Services so you score big time.

So to get a FREE funeral plan quote, please complete and send the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing