Nedbank Gold Funeral Plan

Taking out a Nedbank Gold Funeral Plan, allows you to bid a proper farewell to your loved ones. Everyone who has a family has the same priorities, to provide for them as best they can.

A funeral plan is of particular importance should something happen to you. It allows your family to provide a decent funeral, without having the added pressure of an unexpected financial burden.

Nedbank’s Gold Funeral Plan covers All the right Benefits

The funeral plan is comprehensive and offers loads of extras to support your loved ones. Also, the plan is flexible, and you can adapt it to suit your requirements.

You can choose who to insure and how much cover you need.You can choose when you would like your premiums deducted from your account.

What are the Benefits?

Cover ranges from R7 500 to R30 000, which includes cover for you, your children, spouse and even your parents. Furthermore, after a five-year, no-claim period, you get 10% of the premiums back in cash!

If you have a difficult month, don’t worry, Nedbank gives you the option of missing premiums. You can skip one payment every year after you’ve been a policy member for two years.

In the event of accidental death of a relative, you receive double the amount of cover.
If diagnosed with only one year left to live, you can claim 50% of your payments, which means you’ll be able to live comfortably and pay your medical expenses, for the last few months of your life.

Who should Sign up for the Nedbank Gold Funeral Plan?

Nedbank Gold Funeral PlanAnyone who needs comprehensive cover and appreciates loads of extra benefits most of all people who value flexibility and the freedom to determine the insurance they require and also individuals who like to be insured.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t like a reward after a no-claim period.

It’s important to make sure, while you still can that your family has funeral cover that covers all the bases, and that can be adapted to suit your family’s unique needs.

With a Nedbank Gold Funeral Plan, you can rest assured your family won’t have to beg and borrow to bury you with dignity.

All Nedbank’s funeral plans include the Value for Life benefit. The plan provides the families of the deceased with extra support over the difficult time.

The additional support includes discounted funeral service packages, HIV and trauma services, legal advice and discounts on bus tickets, magazines, air time, movie tickets, and much more.

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