Johannesburg City Parks Regulations for Disposing of a Body.

A person may not just dispose of a body as and when they see fit. So each municipality has strict regulations and by-laws concerning the cremation and burial of bodies. Read more here on Johannesburg disposing of a body.


The Johannesburg City Parks is responsible for the upkeep Johannesburg disposing of a bodyof the 35 cemeteries in the greater Johannesburg area.

  • Only one body may be in a coffin for the burial.
  • Under certain conditions, the officer-in-charge may approve more than one.
  • A body must be in a body-bag before put in the coffin.
  • If there is to be more than one body in the coffin, each body must be in its own body-bag.


The standard size of a grave is:

  •  2.3 metres long x 900mm wide, and 2.0 metres deep, for an adult
  •  1.5 metres long x 700mm wide, and 1.5 metres deep, for a child
  • Coffins must consist of natural wood or any other perishable material.



There are three crematoria in Johannesburg – Braamfontein, Brixton, and Lenasia. They use gas heat to cremate the remains. So a recognised funeral director must handle the legal documents necessary for a cremation to take place.

  • Only a medical referee can give permission for a cremation.
  •  The main cause of death must be said beyond doubt.
  •  The deceased must not have been against cremation.
  • This is all confirmed by a medical doctor on the Application for Cremation forms.
  • Remove medical implants like pacemakers first, as they can put staff and equipment in danger if they explode at the high temperatures needed during cremation.
  • Only one adult cremation may be done at a time.
  • All remains from the cremation must be away before the cremator is in use again.
  • Each crematorium has their way of identifying the cremation remains. The family can be sure that they will receive the correct ashes.
  • The funeral director will also ask the family how they would like to receive the cremains.
  • Coffins for cremation must consist mainly of timber or wood derivatives.



Exhumation is the removal of human remains from a grave. There are four reasons to take into mind before permission is given for this:

  •  and ascertain cause of death
  •  for ascertain the identity of the deceased
  •  to transfer remains to another burial place
  •  to remove remains for cremation
  • A police officer needs to be present at the exhumation. The application needs to be made seven working days before exhumation.


Permission must be from:

  •  The office of the Minister of Development and Planning
  •  Gauteng Provincial Department of Health
  •  Minister of Health of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council with a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased.


Johannesburg disposing of a body

For all the information on Johannesburg disposing of a body, look no further than Johannesburg City Parks. Who will be able to explain all the rules, regulations, and by-laws regarding any burial or cremation.

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