Funeral Cover Companies in South Africa

No one wishes for death on themselves or anyone, including their enemies. But it is only wise to plan for that time you are no longer around. Some people put money away for a rainy day. Also, they write down a will to ensure their loved one’s benefit from their sweat. Also, you can contact funeral cover companies to get funeral cover quotes.

But what about the funeral? Everyone knows that it costs a lot of money to transport a body and bury it in a dignified way. So why not start offsetting those costs now to relieve your loved ones of that burden as well? That is is the motivation behind funeral cover. It is an investment you can make through any of several companies in South Africa today.

Funeral Cover CompaniesBelow are just a few of the firms that offer this cover

Funeral Cover Companies – Assupol

There are two kinds of Assupol funeral cover available. These are the Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan and the Excellence Family Funeral Plan. With the former, you get more than just money to cover funeral costs when death occurs. You are guaranteed to receive a cash payout every four years your policy is active. This applies whether or not you claim during that period. Many other services are available if you pay an additional premium, including income for your family for up to 6 months after your death. Get funeral cover quotes from Assupol.

Funeral Cover Companies – Avbob

Avbob also excels in the department of added services among funeral cover companies. Besides sorting out the cost of the coffin and other expenses, they will send a funeral representative to help with every decision, great or small regarding the burial and funeral. Furthermore, an Avbob funeral cover will see you get a free funeral if you’ve been a policyholder for over two years. You can also request to use their chapel or for fresh flowers. Certainly, it will be worthwhile to get funeral cover quotes from Avbob.

Funeral Cover Companies – Liberty

If you’re already juggling several commitments and are looking for cheap funeral cover, Liberty funeral cover is one you should consider. A standard funeral plan will cost you just R50 every month, yet it will cover up to 21 family members. As the principle, you will be covered for up to R75,000 and you will receive an equal amount if your spouse passes away. Children up to 24 years of age will be covered for up to R50,000. Liberty is one of the most reasonable funeral cover companies as it is part of the larger Liberty Insurance Company.

Other Funeral Cover Companies

There are many other funeral cover companies offering attractive packages to South Africans of all walks. Metropolitan offers cover from just R36 per month with its Metropolitan funeral cover but you will only get R30,000 when you claim. Doves is more than just an insurance firm, it is a funeral directing company and their Doves funeral cover has several options. Also Google up Pep funeral cover and Momentum funeral cover when sourcing for funeral insurance; they have great packages. Get funeral cover quotes from them if you can.

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All info was correct at time of publishing May 5, 2014