Avbob Funeral Cover Ensures a Memorable Funeral

When you lose a loved one, it is a time of bitter loss and grief. But for many families, it is also a hectic time of scraping together funds to try and give their departed member a fitting farewell. If they manage to raise the targeted amount, well and good; if they don’t they have to do something fundamental with the funds available. That’s where getting Avbob funeral cover could make your life loads easier.

Is the quality of the funeral the result of the generosity of well-wishers? Is there a way you can choose the kind of farewell that honours your loved one and shows the world just how much they meant to you? Yes, there is. You can sign up for funeral cover. Many insurance firms in South Africa offer this product. But few of them offer the options Avbob funeral cover offers.

Avbob Funeral CoverWhat and Who is Avbob?

The story of Avbob began in tragedy in the time after the end of World War 1. An epidemic of Spanish Flu swept through the nation slaying people by the thousands. The demand for funeral services skyrocketed and the corresponding costs went through the roof. Having learnt the lesson of how a decent burial can suddenly become unaffordable, folks decided to come together and have a kitty where small regular contributions could be made towards funeral expenses. This lead to the formation of an organization called Afrikaanse Verbond Begrafnis Onderneming Beperk, abbreviated as AVBOB. From its humble beginnings, Avbob has grown and currently has over 150 branches all over South Africa.

Avbob Funeral Cover – Not Just a Plan, an Understanding Partner as well

The Avbob funeral plan is more than just another insurance product; it is a service rendered by an understanding partner. That is why the firm goes the extra mile to offer their customers services that other funeral insurance providers don’t. They don’t just process your claim and dump the cash on your laps; they assist with practically every aspect of the funeral service to its successful conclusion. Besides covering your spouse and children, there is an Avbob funeral cover for parents.


Avbob Funeral Arrangements from A to Z

Your Avbob funeral policy comes into effect right from the start and ensures that you get a death certificate. This document is required by law to allow burial to proceed. After that, they will send you a funeral representative who will help you make those important decisions that will ensure the funeral service and burial go as planned. They will provide you with seasoned counsel regarding such matters as whether you should have a church service, graveside service or cremation. They will also help decide which kind of coffin or casket is best for you. For all this Avbob funeral cover premiums are very reasonable.

Your Avbob funeral cover will also cater for the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home or mortuary and the preparation of the deceased for burial. You will also get graveside equipment and funeral pamphlets under your Avbob funeral cover.

Avbob also have a variety of coffins and tombstones for sale to make the process of getting these crucial items easier. While considering various funeral cover quotes, you should ask yourself if the service provider offers the convenient, one-stop-shop that Avbob does. Fill the form above and get funeral cover quotes that work for you.

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