Clientele Funeral Plan Lasting Dignity

A Clientele funeral plan is an essential policy because death is a part of life that nobody can avoid. It is also something very few people like to talk about, let alone do.

When you die, one of the last gifts you can give to your family is a Clientele Funeral Plan.

That brings peace of mind of not having to come up with thousands of rands to cover your funeral.

When your time comes, you don’t want to leave your loved ones with the worry of raising this money.

That is a time when they should be mourning and coming to terms with your passing. That is why you should strongly consider paying a small amount each month for a funeral plan. Consider taking out the Clientele funeral policy called the Dignity Plan. It is affordable and has a great variety of benefits.

How a Clientele Funeral Plan can Help

Clientele Funeral PlanMany people don’t realise just how expensive a funeral is until they have to pay for one. There are so many aspects to arranging a funeral that most of us don’t take into account.

The average funeral costs about R15 000-and that is just for the necessities. We all want our loved ones to be laid to rest in dignity and peace. And we want the best when it comes to saying the final goodbye to them.

The same will Apply when your Family starts to Organise your Funeral

They will need to arrange and pay for a casket/coffin, transport, catering and seating for guests. Also, they will have to pay for flower arrangements and religious leaders to carry out your funeral.

A coffin alone can set you back around R5000 alone! When you pass, you are sure to want all of your loved ones- both friends and family, to be there when you are laid to rest.

You want those special people in your life to be comfortable at your funeral, with adequate seating and refreshments. At the same time, unfortunately, the more people that attend your funeral, the more expensive it will be.

That is why investing in a funeral cover is so important. These are things that should not have to worry your loved ones.

The Clientele Funeral Plan

For years, Clientele has been an excellent choice to invest in a funeral cover. And that is no surprise when you look at the benefits you receive and the reasonable premiums. You can expect the following amazing Clientele funeral plan benefits:

  • With the Clientele funeral plan, the insurance company will pay your loved ones within 24 hours of claiming.
  • They will pay out airtime to help your loved ones arrange your funeral.
  • A grocery benefit of will be given out to the beneficiary of your choice, which can be paid out as a lump sum or over three months. That is part of the Clientele funeral plan itself.
  • Clientele funeral plan will pay out an unveiling benefito the beneficiary of your choice within 12 months of your death.
  • You can have up to 13 people on your Clientele funeral plan, including your spouse, three children and up to 8 extended family members.
  • For less than the cost of a pie a day, a family of five can benefit from a payout in the event of death.

With so many advantages, at such affordable rates, the Clientele funeral plan will provide you and your family with the peace of mind of a dignified funeral.

Losing a family member is a challenging and sad time no matter what the circumstances may be, but the Clientele funeral plan can make that time much easier.

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All info was correct at time of publishing