Why you need funeral cover right now in 2024

No one wishes for death and death never comes with a warning note.  When it does, it brings with it some expenditure that you may not have foreseen. So it is vital to get funeral cover quotes and then buy burial insurance.

You must bury the person who has passed away, and this costs money. The money will be needed to hold a memorial service, a decent casket, transport to the burial site, etc.

Get funeral cover quotes and choose a funeral plan to avoid these huge expenses.

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A burial could prove to be a real headache if the death was sudden. And it’s worse if you don’t have any savings stashed away somewhere. You might then have to think of holding fundraising activities to meet your expenses, calling on friends and family. While they probably will be willing to help, they also have other commitments. Funeral Cover Quotes

Getting funeral cover quotes and signing up for it is one way of giving yourself some peace of mind. So that in the unfortunate event of the death of a loved one, you are prepared. It will let you grieve in peace without the weight of other burdens on your mind.

Companies That Supply Funeral Cover Quotes

Several insurance businesses in South Africa offer funeral cover quotes.

Assupol Funeral Plans, Avbob, Metropolitan, Hollard, and Sanlam are just some of the firms offering funeral insurance. They all offer online funeral cover quotes. An FNB funeral plan is also a good option.

Note that the exact details of the funeral cover quotes may differ.

However, most policies will provide you with a casket (quality will vary depending on the cover). And the transfer of the body of your loved one to a funeral home or mortuary. Or they will supply the cash to cover these and other expenses.

Most funeral cover quotes will only cover immediate family members (spouse and children) though you can extend the cover to include your parents and other members of your extended family.

Hollard Details

Hollard is without a doubt a national leader in funeral cover. They have made arragnements with chain store PEP to market their products, giving them a major footprint in the South African market. They make it possible for unbanked folk to obtain funeral cover and pay for it in cash.

Sanlam Details

Funeral Cover Quotes

Sanlam is one of the preferred insurance companies in the market today taking care of funeral needs. This funeral cover comes in different flavours which offer added benefits other than meeting the costs in the event of death. With the Sanlam Funeral & Survivor Plan, you have an advantage if you remain alive for 5 or 10 more years while keeping the policy active. If you do so, you will be in line for a cash payout of up to 50% of your cover. The Sanlam Masterplan allows you to set up a savings plan for family members which will insure them against death, illness or disability. Get Sanlam funeral cover quotes when researching the market.

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Another company worth checking out for funeral cover is Metropolitan Life. The Metropolitan funeral cover will give you a payout of 30,000 Rand if you happen to lose a loved one. And the beauty is that they assure policyholders of receiving the money within 48 hours of putting in a claim. For this, you will contribute only R36 a month. Avbob insurance cover, besides taking care of your burial expenses, will provide you with funeral representatives to help you make important decisions regarding the burial. To get a fair assessment and get the best deal,  we recommend you check out what Assupol funeral cover, Pep funeral cover and Doves funeral cover have to offer before making a choice. Or get a choice of funeral cover quotes from various companies via Hippo. Do get funeral cover quotes from all these companies if you can.

Reasons Why You Need to Take Out a Burial Plan

Funeral Cover Quotes

You may have heard about the funeral insurance but never given it a second thought or thought it was another expense you do not need. Maybe the importance of this kind of policy will become apparent in the light of a hypothetical scenario. You get involved in an accident on your way home and lose your life. What happens then? Your family will start making arrangements for you to go to a mortuary and then after this begin the process of according yours a decent interment. It will not take them long to realise they need money for practically every step. Even transporting the body to the mortuary will require substantial funds and every day it spends there adds to accruing charges.

As you wait for life insurance payout

They will need to arrange for a newspaper ad or some ad to get the word out about the loss before they start thinking of transporting the body to the place of burial or cremation. The body is in a casket and attendees at the funeral will need to eat. Your family might be entitled to a handsome payout from your life insurance policy, but it could be months before it pays out. The only resort will be either asking relatives and friends to help raise money to cover these costs or worse, taking a loan. Even if they are willing to help your family meet these costs, will the money be enough to accord you the kind of farewell they desire?

Funeral Cover Quotes

To avoid the above scenario, why not consider subscribing to a funeral policy? Get funeral cover quotes now. Today in South Africa several offer competitive funeral products. You are therefore sure to get a funeral plan that will meet your needs without making too much of an impression on your budget. Sanlam, Momentum, Liberty, even global insurance giants like Old Mutual have a range of funeral products. You will be able to get a product among these that you can tack onto your salary without straining too much.

Both you and your family covered

Remember the above scenario can apply to other members of your family. The beauty is that there are plans that include both the insured and their immediate family. Some even allow you to bring members of your extended family under the cover. Get funeral cover quotes now to get proof.

Having a funeral policy is a good idea for the peace of mind of your family. You not only save your spouse and children the distress of looking for funds for your burial, but you will also leave a good impression on those you leave behind. And with funds readily available, they can comfortably afford to accord you a dignified funeral without having to beg for money.

Planning for Death

Few of us, if any, like to talk about death, much less think about it. But the sad reality is that death is a certainty for every human being on earth. One of the things that can make your death a little easier to cope with for those you leave behind when it happens is having a plan. The insurance we’re talking about here is the one that determines how the executor distributes your estate in the event of your death. Even before you get to writing your will, there are some preparations you need to make.

Make an inventory

You can start by listing your most valuable fixed assets such as your home along with other property you own and then items like cars, motorbikes, TVs, lawn mowers and electrical appliances. The list should also include other smaller personal items of high value such as jewellery, computers, and other electronics. You then also need to make an inventory of the intangible assets you have, which will include all your bank accounts as well as the different insurance policies you may have

After compiling the documents with this information, you need to deliver it to the person you have appointed as the administrator or executor of your estate. The lists should be signed and dated and made in triplicate. A copy should remain with the agent, and another should be kept in a safe or safety deposit box in a bank.


Create a separate inventory of all the liabilities you have. Car loans, mortgages and all sorts of personal loans from banks and other institutions need to be put down. If you own any credit cards, you should add them to this list. These are open credit cards that you have balances on and that are still active. If you have credit cards that you don’t use you should close them so as to tidy up your books. Take advantage of free credit reports at least once a year to make sure your debts are easy to trace.

Update beneficiaries

Make sure all your insurance policies and annuities are up to date, especially regarding the recipients. Some of the people you may have listed as beneficiaries may have passed away. If this is the case at the time of your death, then there will be confusion as to who will be the default beneficiary, which will also be the case if you have listed a spouse you have since divorced as a beneficiary.

Appoint an administrator

This person who will be in charge of getting in touch with all recipients of your estate in the event of your death and distributing your remaining wealth among them. You, therefore, need to ensure this administrator is a responsible and mature individual.

Make your will

Making a will is easy to do, and anyone above the age of 18 is legally draft a will. This document offers the formula by which the executor will distribute all your property. You don’t need a lawyer to draw up a will.

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Assupol Burial Cover Costs

Assupol, an authorised financial service provider, started in 1913. They offer different kinds of policies like life cover and funeral cover. Assupol has two different types of cover that you can choose that will suit your lifestyle and financial status best. Here are the two different types of funeral cover that Assupol has available and valuable information about these funeral covers. Get funeral cover quotes from Assupol.

Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan

The first type of funeral cover that you can get from Assupol is the Absolute Advantage family funeral plan. They believe that you need to get more than just death benefits if you have a funeral cover with them. And, their payouts are less than 48 hours after you send the correct documents to them.

With this package, you can get two different options – the single option and the family option. With the sole option you can get R50 000 benefits, and if you are taking the family option, you can get R50 000 for the primary member and the spouse. You will also be able to add up to five children to the family option.

You will have six-month waiting periods for natural death, but you get accidental death cover immediately. Then, there are some other benefits with this funeral plan like family income benefit, double payout with accidental death and premium waiver. These advantages are possible with an additional payment. Making this a great funeral cover to have.

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Excellence Family Funeral Plan

The Excellence Family Funeral Plan from Assupol is the core funeral cover that you can get from Assupol. There is only one option, the family plan, so there is no single member option with this funeral plan.

The benefits cover that you can get from this funeral policy is R50 000, and you will be able to include your children for life. Not just when they are turning 21, but as long as what they are alive. You will also get stillborn and newborn cover for unborn babies and infants up to the age of three months.

With this excellence family funeral plan, you will also have six-month waiting periods for natural death, but the cover for accidental deaths immediately. And your family will also be insured after your death without paying any premiums for five years, getting them back on their feet, without worrying about paying the funeral plan.

Additional Premium Advantages

You will also have the same benefits by paying an additional premium as with the Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan. Making your funeral plans more convenient for you, and what you can afford to pay.

Assupol is an excellent financial service provider that is giving funeral and life insurance policies to their clients. There are two different types of funeral covers for you. The Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan and the Excellence Family Funeral Plan. If you don’t have family that you provided for, then you can look at the Absolute Advantage family plan, because they have a single option as well as a family option. While the Excellence family funeral plans, has only the one, excellent choice.

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All info was correct at time of publishing April 13, 2021