Group Funeral Cover for South African Businesses

Funeral cover is a wise way of preparing for the unfortunate eventuality of death; your own as well as the death of a loved one. The last thing you need while grieving over a painful loss is to think about ways to raise funds to meet the costs of a funeral service and burial. You also want to be in a position to give your loved one a dignified goodbye without straining too much.

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That’s what funeral insurance allows you to do. All you do is contribute a monthly premium as per the contract between you and the insurance company, and they will pay you an agreed upon sum when you lose a loved one. If you as the principle pass away, the money goes to your chosen beneficiary.Group Funeral Cover Group funeral cover is a great way for an employer to give their employees the peace of mind funeral insurance brings.

As an employer, you want to get the most out of your workers. Apart from giving them their dues on time, most firms arrange for medical cover for their workforce and their families. You can take your employees’ security a level higher by signing up for a group scheme funeral cover. That will ensure their families do not carry a financial burden when they pass away.

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Depending on the provider or how much you are willing to commit in monthly premiums, the group funeral cover will cater for the spouse of your employee together with children who are eligible. Most of the companies in South Africa that offer funeral policies have these group schemes as well. It is up to you to look through their funeral cover quotes and see what works best for you.

Among the policies you can consider are Avbob funeral cover, Momentum funeral cover, Doves funeral cover and Pep funeral cover. Over and above catering for your funeral expenses when death occurs, Avbob goes the extra mile to provide you with personal assistance to organise a dignified burial as best you can. They offer you funeral representatives to help with such decisions as the kind of coffin to get and floral arrangements.

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Metropolitan funeral cover is particularly ideal for employers looking for robust group funeral cover. Even if yours is a large-scale enterprise with over 20 employees, Metropolitan has cover for you. The funeral policy they offer covers employees, their spouse and children who are eligible. You can arrange to extend the cover to the parents of the worker. What makes employers opt for Metropolitan is the minimal paperwork and low administration costs.

If you have a staff of fewer than 20, Liberty funeral cover is a good choice. Sanlam funeral cover offers great benefits for just R80 a month. For members of the NEWAHU Union, the Nehawu funeral cover is highly recommended. This group funeral cover alleviates the family of the deceased of burdensome funeral costs, including the cost of repatriating the body if death occurred outside the country. Get group funeral cover quotes now.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 3, 2019