Funeral Cover Quote Online

Getting a funeral cover quote is a positive step towards helping your family cope with life after you are gone.

You can get funeral cover quotes from Sanlam iCover, Old Mutual, Budget, Avbob, Doves, Assupol, Safrican, Hollard and many more leading insurance names in South Africa.

Death is one of the inescapable certainties of life. So make sure you leave behind is enough money for your family to give you a fitting farewell.

That is what funeral cover allows you to do. It takes care of all the details associated with the death of a loved one.

Also, it leaves your family free from worry and stress at this difficult time.

Ways of Getting a Funeral Cover Quote

Funeral cover quote

The first is the traditional way; reaching for the yellow pages and looking up insurance companies.

You can then call the listed firms one by one asking if they offer funeral packages. As you can see this method can prove rather costly regarding your phone bill.

A similar way of getting the information you need about this kind of cover is calling up an acquaintance. Ask her to recommend an insurance company. That is a great way of finding a funeral cover quote if you can afford. Of course, it means that you have to know somebody who is a client.

Another way is to get hold of an insurance agent who acts as a go-between linking you and the insurance firm. Agents sell policies on behalf of different companies and are in a position to recommend a funeral plan that is best suited to your needs and circumstances. Traditionally such agents would go around offices and other places where potential clients worked or lived, encouraging them to take one policy or the other.

Be your Own Agent and get a Quote Online Now

While many agents still have people in the field, most of them have websites through which anyone interested can make inquiries and get a funeral cover quote. All you need to do is access the site, and you will find a form requesting for your personal details such as your email address, name, age and marital status. You will also tell them the amount of cover you want regarding Rand. After submitting the form, they will send a funeral cover quote to the email address you provide.

Get a Quote Now!

Online agents provide this service free of charge and insist that the information you receive from them is unbiased. That seems an easy, cheap and hassle-free way of getting a funeral cover quote, and it is. And the information you get is just as up to date as you would get if you visited the insurance firm’s offices themselves.

Most of these agents’ sites contain assurances that the sensitive information you give them is secure, and they will not share it with other parties without your consent.

To get a funeral cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page

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