Safrican – Now a Funeral Cover Everyone Can Afford

Safrican knows that every heartbeat means life. But this can change in an instant. A penniless funeral can leave you grieving and financially bereft.

Whether you cremate or bury the deceased makes no difference to finances. In either case, you have to consider a host of costs.

Safrican knows that this is the time when you need help with coping financially. And they know all the extra costs you’ll face if someone you love dies with no funeral plans in place.

With a funeral plan such as Safrican in place, the insurance company pays your funeral expenses. That takes away a lot of the pressure and stress of planning a funeral. Of course, the cost of a funeral will depend on the type of funeral you want, but the cost of the ceremony, the casket, food, the hiring of a marquee may all add up, particularly when hundreds of people are expected to attend.

Safrican’s Funeral Services Extended to Swaziland Customers


For some people, funeral costs can be equal to a few month’s salary. However, Safrican provides an easier way to handle these expenses with dignity and confidence.

They will give you the money needed to pay for a funeral by choosing a plan based on your salary. Significantly, Safrican Insurance Company started out in 1932 as a Burial Society with their core business being to provide affordable funeral insurance.

They have seven branches found in Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg (head office), Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Polokwane. They have also developed products and services to meet the needs of their Swaziland customers.

Safrican has broad experience in the financial services industry and as an authorised financial services provider and a leading group funeral insurer, they have a membership of some 2 million principal members. Also, they have relationships with their market and these include burial societies, funeral parlours, church groups, trade unions and state-owned enterprises and corporates.

Their funeral product range includes –

  • Funeral plans for individuals
  • Group COMPULSORY funeral benefit – provides a cash benefit for the principal member and dependants
  • Group VOLUNTARY funeral benefit – money paid out on death of principal member and family members
  • Optional value added benefits

The Usuthu Funeral Plan

AmaZulu Football Club has joined forces with Safrican Insurance to offer a fantastic funeral benefit plan to suit the general public. It is known as the Usuthu Funeral Plan and provides products which are relevant to the community. The Usuthu Funeral Plan provides extensive cover from as little as R48 a month for all South Africans between the ages of 18 and 94 years of age.

Their Funeral Package includes –

  • Basic Funeral Cover – cash benefit in settlement of valid death claim of principal member, spouse and eligible children
  • Memorial Cover or Tombstone Benefit
  • Optional – extended family member cover

Remember that in the event of death, your claim must be submitted with all the supporting documents within six months of the date of death, because taking longer may mean the benefit being forfeited. So by choosing Safrican, you can lay your loved one to rest with the dignity they deserve.

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