Funeral Cover Articles

Figure out if you need a plan or not.
Why caskets and coffins cost so much
Difference between caskets and coffins
About burial societies


Safrican funeral contact details
Extended family funeral cover
Burial plan for everyone
Funeral cover amount
Prepare your own funeral in advance
Costs of funerals in South Africa
Namibian funeral tender
Brilliant funeral insurance
Unique funeral cover
The best funeral society
AVBOB Insurance FAQ
Metropolitan Funeral Insurance
Old Mutual Funeral Insurance Policies
Funeral insurance from Hollard
Budget Insurance Funeral Cover
Funeral cover quote from 1Life
Compare Funeral Cover Quotes with Hippo
Don’t delay funeral planning
BI-1663 certificate
Funeral plan claim declined
Funeral plan company
Legal owner of a funeral policy
Contacting Lifeline
Find out about cremation
Why do funerals have to be so corny?
How to behave at a funeral
Correct funeral attire
Funerals: who to invite and who not to invite
Standard Bank Funeral Plan
Is a Pep burial plan a real option?
What to wear to a funeral
Funeral flowers
Don’t say these things at a funeral
Organising memorial services
Writing a eulogy
Safrican application form
Funeral plans from African Bank
Clientele’s competitive offering
ABSA Bank also offers funeral insurance
OM Burial Society information
Funerals around the world
Liberty choice for funeral cover
Who actually owns a funeral policy?
Inside a mortuary
Assupol information
Cover from Old Mutual
Consider 1Life for cover
Assupol Excellence funeral cover
What about Hollard?
More about Hollard
Find the right sympathy message here
Funeral insurance explained
A Discovery Life Funeral Plan takes care of the future.Look to Hippo for comparative quotes
FNB funeral cover information
Making a funeral wreath
More about Metropolitan Life funeral plans
Does a funeral policy cover a live in lover?
Vodacom even offers funeral insurance!
More about Avbob services
What is a dependent in short term insurance terms
Sanlam offers funeral cover too
Funeral plans for students
Find out about Doves funeral plans
Funeral plans as they relate to stillborn children
Funeral order of service
Pay When You Can Plan from Old Mutual
Funeral Cover from Momentum
Coffin vs casket
Old Mutual’s Greenlight Plan
Discovery Life Funeral Plan
Tissue paper flowers for a funeral wreath
Is a morgue the same as a mortuary?
Funeral plan ombudsman details
Weird funeral pratices around the world
More about offerings from African Bank
Why Black is the Right Colour for a Funeral
The Lowdown on Aging Funeral Policies
Funeral plan waiting periods
Dressing for a funeral
Right colours for a Hindu funeral
Muslim funeral information
Paying for a burial
Beneficiary designation
Fraud via funeral insurance
Having more than one funeral plan
Can you write a will yourself?
Catholic funeral rites
Funeral costs
Funeral cover scam hits Cape Town
Exclusion clauses
Waiting periods and funeral plans
Headstone information
Choosing a funeral parlour – funeral cover quotes
Things a funeral director won’t tell you
Funeral costs dig deep
How to dress a corpse
Obtaining a death certificate
Funeral and burial fees
Methodist funeral traditions
Marketing a funeral policy
What do do when someone dies
The Role of Funeral Directors
Proof of claims for insurance policies
Plan your funeral
10 Largest Funerals Ever Held
Types of tombstones
Death notice and obituary templates
History of funerals
Johannesburg cemetries
About traditional funerals
National heritage site cemeteries
Paying too much for funeral cover
Buying funeral cover
Calgro funeral insurance
Funerals in Rome
Vodacom funeral cover
Ombudsman complaints
Anglican funeral traditions
About funerals
Things to do when someone dies
Aspects of funeral cover
Jewish mourning
The funeral business
Funeral insurance industry fraud
Burial of Jewish people
Types of funerals
Superstitions about death
Non Christian funerals
Christian funeral customs
Jewish Burial Customs
Food catering for a wake
Comforting funeral foods
Rules for Scattering Ashes in Kruger Park
Superstitions about dying
You need a funeral plan
Greek funerals
Mukuru Funeral Cover
Pep Stores Funeral Cover
Safrican Insurance
Green burials
Green burial information
Green funeral tips
Funeral prayers
Humanist funeral
Funeral insurance benefits
Shoprite funeral plans
Zisekele funeral plan
Hollard funeral policy
One Life funeral cover
Prosperity life insurance
Nedbank funeral plan
Before death checklist
Nedbank EasyCover
Dignity funeral scheme
Living Will
Funeral wishes
Green burial
Burial insurance for seniors
Humanist funerals
Funeral plan for retired seniors
Atheist funerals
Grief after suicide
Everyone grieves differently
Living memorial
Living Will Speaks for You
Human ashes
How are ashes created
What to do with the ashes
Wall of Remembrance
African Unity Insurance
Church of England funeral traditions
Marilyn Monroe Death
Best family funeral plan
Catholic funeral traditions
Open casket funeral
Celebs open casket funerals
Burial cover quotes
Amakhosi FC Funeral Cover
Roman Catholic Funeral Customs
Michael Jackson memorial service
Graveyards filled up
Hollard burial cover
Repatriating a body to Zimbabwe
What is a columbarium
Plan a funeral perfectly
How to start a funeral business
How to choose a funeral plan
Why AVBOB is different
Funeral plan for parents
What is promession
Drawing up a will
Biodegradable coffins
What is a crematorium
Affordable funeral plan
Affordable Funerals for South Africa
Planning an affordable funeral
Repatriation of mortal remains
Parents’ funeral policy
Historic graves in South Africa
Drawing up your own will
Funeral policy benefits
Colour themes for a funeral
Assupol Excellence Funeral Insurance
Best family burial cover
What Doves Offers
Assupol Funeral Policy
How much funeral insurance do you need
Burial policyh from AVBOB
Popular funeral plans in SA
Old Mutual Standard Plan
Amazulu FC funeral cover
Signs of a decent funeral home
Funeral plan solutions
Cost of Direct Burials
Borrow money to pay for a funeral
Johannesburg disposing of a body
Funeral plan articles
Should I be buried or cremated?
Grocery Benefit in a Funeral Plan
Econet Wireless Funeral Plan
Funeral Parlour Legislation in South Africa
Group funeral plans
Returning dead bodies from foreign countries
Independent funeral brokers in South Africa
Funeral venues in Johannesburg
Funeral cover for a baby
Nehawu funeral policies
How long after death should the funeral take place
Rules for cremation in Gauteng
Documents for the Master of the Supreme Court
Coffin lowering devices
Funeral insurance premiums
Which funeral plan should you choose?
What should I look for when choosing a Funeral Plan?
When should I take out a Funeral Plan? And other questions.
Where do I get a Funeral plan for my family?
Why should I have a Funeral Plan at all?
Can I get one click Funeral cover?
Can I get funeral cover on the Internet?
How can I save on funeral cover and still have a good policy?
Where can I buy Funeral cover in South Africa?
Here’s why you must have a Funeral plan.
Thousands of reasons why you should get a Funeral plan.
Why buying a funeral cover plan can save your families future.
Where Do I Get Funeral Cover? Your search is over.
Where to buy a funeral plan is no longer buried in confusion.
Look no further for a website for funeral cover.
AVBOB benefits
You can find tailormade funeral insurance for your company online.
Join a funeral plan membership club and score benefits.
Funeral insurance providers in South Africa give you their best.
Buy funeral cover from leading funeral plan providers here.
Reap all the rewards of joining a funeral society.
Find a funeral plan quickly, easily and immediately.
Getting free quotes for funeral cover helps you plan your future.
Give your family assurance for the future.
Now you can create your own funeral insurance policy.
Hollard funeral cover takes good care of you and your family.
Custom funeral plans allow you to be yourself.
Funeral plans are not all the same. You need to dig deeper.
Don’t use your savings to fund a funeral.
Joining a funeral Stokvel will change your life for the better.
Looking for the best Funeral plans in South Africa? Here they are.
Don’t get your Funeral claim rejected due to an oversight.
Yes, a bank can give you funeral cover too!
Safrican a company that still cares for the well-being of the community.
Tips for saving on funeral insurance
All you need to know about filling in the online quote form.
Get a funeral policy number through an online quote now!
Burial vaults offer more protection for loved ones.
Funeral plans from Hollard
Should I get a Funeral Plan from an Insurance Agent?
The pros and cons of children in a funeral insurance contract.
Ombudsman ruling for an over-age student on a funeral policy.
Have you thought about a checklist for your funeral?
Funeral plans from Metropolitan come with years of caring experience.
Momentum have funeral plans you can customise to fit your lifestyle.
Any insurance claim rejection can put you in financial straits.
Valuable information for prospective funeral policy investors.
Safrican contact details are a must for your mobile address folder.
Do your banking and get a funeral policy too.
A tribute to stars who shone brightly.
Classic music for funerals
What is a grave marker
Arranging your own funeral
Is my stillborn baby covered by Funeral Cover?
What are the issues involved with insuring adult children?
How does Funeral insurance work if your job exposes you to Aids?
Funeral plans and part-time students.
Is it a good idea to have separate policies for each dependent?
What happens if no heir is nominated?
Get funeral cover from Old Mutual no matter how old you are.
A funeral plan from Sanlam lifts the burden of worry from you.
Funeral plans from Assupol – A legend in insurance.
Affordable funeral cover from Clientele for the whole family.
Safrican funeral plans now in Swaziland.
Doves – Insuring a dignified service.
Funeral Plans from Kaizer Chiefs have the crowd cheering.
Avbob – we we’re here for you 100 years ago.
Metropolitan Life – Together we can face the future.
Should there be funerals on the Sabbath?
How does a Public Address system help a funeral?
How does road evacuation of bodies take place?
What are the issues about funerals on Sundays?
Why are Safrican contact details so important?
What are important getaway tips from Old Mutual?
When you pass on, have you got a burial plot to rest in peace?
What benefits are there with a Crypt burial?
Important facts about Catacomb burials.
What happens to our remains when we die?
Why do we associate Sepulchres with biblical days?
What interesting facts surround ancient tomb burials?
What does a decent funeral in South Africa cost today?
What does the Master of the High Court do?
What does a Funeral Celebrant do at a service?
A MiWayLife Funeral Plan is what planning for the future is all about.
A Discovery Life Funeral Plan takes care of the future.
Get the best Funeral plan quotes from the best insurance providers.
Do some research. Get Funeral plan quotes. Relax.
Choose a Funeral Plan that will still be around for your family when you’re not.

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