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By 1883, the name Doves was synonymous with funeral services in South Africa. A company by this name had an office in Durban. But this was not the real beginning of the company. It has its roots in Homes Trust Funeral Services, Ltd. That is the arm of Metropolitan Life which deals with all matters funeral.

Homes Trust Funeral Services came into existence in 1959. As this entity grew and expanded, it acquired a number of reputable funeral services firms, one of which was Doves.

Others included Goodall & Williams, Jones & Rice and Saffas (South Africa Federation of Funeral Assurance Societies), which was taken over in the 1970s. Saffas had an expansive network of branches and all these went to Homes Trust.

Growth of Doves funeral Services


The delinking process of Doves funeral parlour from Metropolitan Life began in 1989. In that year its management decided to buy it from Metropolitan.

Following this move there was a name change to HT Group (Pty) Ltd. As a sign of the remarkable growth the company has enjoyed over the years, Doves started its own insurance company back in 1993. Today is is called Union Life Limited.

Thirteen years later NUMSA Investment Company bought Doves, assuring it of a sound financial base from which to offer a broad portfolio of products. As a result this company has become one of the biggest in its field in the country.

They are one of the trailblazers of the funeral services industry and its chief objective is to be the go-to brand for funeral services in South Africa. While acknowledging the sorrow and grief death brings, the firm aims to offer its services to clients as a celebration of the lives of the dearly departed.

These goals are what drive this funeral service to come up with innovative funeral related products and services that will meet the needs of South Africans of all walks.

Types of Services You can Expect from Doves

Doves funeral services fall into a number of categories and they start right from the time the death has occurred. When death happens they will help you register the death of your loved one and get the attendant certificate of death. This document is required by law and the process needs to be completed within 5 days of the death.

If you want, they will also help you take care of the body. Their services include embalming. Also among the services offered are communication services, informing relatives and friends of the death through media, SMS or email.

Doves funeral will also provide you with a funeral officer to help guide you through the funeral process right through to burial.

Dove funeral cover is the other kind of service offered. There is a range of products offered under Dove funeral cover providing cover from R5,000 to R50,000. When you visit their website you will find five kinds of Doves funeral policy to choose from.

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