Pep Funeral Cover Is Not as Crazy as It Sounds

Just three years ago, the giant insurance company Hollard joined hands with clothing chain PEP. The idea was to offer South Africans PEP funeral cover.

That was a strategic partnership. Because PEP boasts over 1,500 outlets all over the country, giving Hollard, South Africa’s biggest privately held insurer, incredible reach. That is, without them having to incur the overheads of opening branches and hiring additional staff.

It is also a good thing for South Africans as they can have funeral insurances within easy reach. As they shop for clothes, they can sign up for this valuable service. A funeral policy allows them to save comfortably for the expenses associated with funerals and burials.

Pep Funeral Cover Special first Month Premium Deal

Pep Funeral CoverAnd it’s not just enquiring and signing up that’s made accessible by this arrangement. Once you become a funeral policyholder, you can pay monthly premiums at your nearest PEP store at the till.

With PEP branches in virtually every town and village across the country, you can pay wherever you are. Paying at the stores also means that don’t need to have a bank account to pay the premiums.

A neat surprise awaits subscribers in that when they sign up for the starter pack, which includes the first month’s premium. In the ensuing 30 days, you can choose not to continue with the policy if you want. Another thing that sets the PEP funeral policy apart is that it is immediate in that you don’t have to undergo lengthy medical examinations before you become an active policyholder. All you need to be eligible for PEP funeral cover is to be a South African below the age of 65.

PEP has been around for a while. This chain of stores began as a single shop back in 1965 with the aim of offering South Africans of all walks and ages good quality merchandise affordably. Apart from clothes for people of all ages, you can get shoes of all kinds at PEP, including school shoes for your kids.

You can also buy home cleaning materials as well as beauty products from these stores. Now it offers six kinds of funeral covers, underwritten and administered by Hollard, a recognised leader in this field providing life insurance, personal insurance and business insurance. Its partnership with PEP is just one example of many it uses to make the funeral cover more accessible.

Payouts You Can Expect With Pep Funeral Cover

There were reports that PEP funeral cover is not for every South African; that it has a particular target market. It is for those households that have a monthly income of R3,800 and above. But with monthly payments of as little as R27, it’s clear to see that almost anyone earning an income can afford a PEP funeral plan. In the case of death, beneficiaries can expect a payout of R2,500-12,500 from their PEP funeral cover.

So next time you’re shopping at PEP, their funeral cover should be on your list of items! Be sure to ask for funeral cover quotes for the different products on offer.

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All info was correct at time of publishing