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You need to turn to Assupol funeral cover when death occurs as it is a time of emotional pain and grief. Because you need a friend to help you come to terms with the fact that your loved one is gone forever.  Assupot will be there with a Quick Payout and ongoing support. And Assupol understands that you need time and space for healing.

The last thing you need is to start worrying about money. Assupol funeral cover makes sure that will never happen.

But the sad truth is that your loved one will need to be buried and if you cherished the deceased, you will want to accord them an honourable send-off. Assupol funeral cover pays over the money immediately on proof of death.

That will cost money, and if you don’t have it, you will have to start sourcing for it at a time you need to be grieving in peace. To avoid this, you need funeral cover. Assupol funeral cover is a good option.

Assupol Funeral Cover

About Assupol funeral cover

Assupol Life is not just an insurance firm; it is a financial services provider authorised to offer people savings products besides life insurance and other kinds of policies. But their focus has always been funeral policies; when the company started doing business over a century ago, it was a burial society first. It targeted the police and other arms of government.

The company grew with time and began to offer its products to the general public, focusing on the middle to low-income bracket. Assupol Life funeral cover comes in two flavours: Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan and Excellence Family Funeral Plan.

Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan

Don’t let the name fool you because this type of Assupol funeral plan is also ideal for single people. Under this cover, your chosen beneficiary will be paid R50,000 in the unfortunate event of your death. Even if you don’t have a wife and kids, you can use this plan to cover your parents, though you will have to top something up on your Assupol funeral cover premiums.

If you’re a family man or woman this Assupol funeral cover will give you R50,000 if your partner passes away. And children have insurance too. You can include up to 5 children on this policy.

This cover comes with other benefits if you agree to pay an additional premium. One of these is that your family can continue to receive income for up to 6 months after your death.

Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan

This policy is even better for those with children as they get cover for life, not just up to 21 years. And like the Absolute Advantage package, you get cover for up to R50,000 with this Assupol funeral cover. This amount is extended to your spouse and children as well. And all this for just R70 per month. Unlike other kinds of funeral policy, you won’t have to answer endless questions about your medical history. And like Absolute Advantage, you can get great extras if you increase your premiums.

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