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It is important to get a funeral plan quote. That’s an estimate of the premium for the particular funeral cover you want. Remember, the insurance market is constantly changing.  So for the best funeral cover, compare plans on a funeral plan comparison site. And remember it isn’t the cheapest plan that is going to offer the best value.

Before You Get a Funeral Plan Quote

ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which level of cover will meet your needs?
  • What does the policy include?
  • What exclusions and waiting periods are there?
  • How many quotes do you need to compare?

An AVBOB funeral plan quote will no doubt be among your funeral quotes for a good reason. You can:

  • Cover your direct and indirect family members.
  • You can also include or drop members till you are happy with the final premium.
  • You can chop and change the premium until you think it covers what you Get a Funeral Plan Quotewant.
  • AVBOB tries to make all payouts within 48 hours. That is if you have all the required documents.
  • With AVOB you get a cash back benefit every five years.

AVBOB have made it that they offer every conceivable service. That is so you can arrange a proper funeral. Significantly, the funeral will be within your financial reach. So to get a free funeral plan quote, just fill in the online form provided. Then a consultant will then call you back.

More Companies Offering Funeral Cover

Discovery Life also provides funeral cover. You can:

  • cover many family members
  • they will settle valid claims within 48 hours
  • you can get a Discovery funeral cover quote up to R60 000
  • with Discovery there are no medical questions to answer
  • you get one year’s costs back in cash after every five years
  • you’ll have the regular 6-month waiting time for natural death
  • you get a double payment for accidental death
  • from just R37 a month you’ll enjoy some free benefits. And these include registration of death, use of a hearse, lowering device at the grave site, artificial wreath and more.

Metropolitan Life is also a reliable funeral plan company because they are the 4th largest insurer in South Africa. Metropolitan funeral cover is an affordable product. From R36 a month, Metropolitan Life offers some insurance products:

  • individual- and family cover
  • payouts between R5000 and R50 000
  • you can cover up to 9 kin. This includes direct and indirect family members
  • you can amend the policy till you are pleased with the premium
  • payment is made within 48 hours
  • you will receive cash back after a given period. Spend the money as your like

South Africa has great funeral services providers. So get a funeral plan quote from the best.

Funeral Cover Quotes that Offer Changeable Cover

Get affordable funeral insurance products along with sound advice. Doves, Clientele and Hollard, are also leading funeral cover providers. Each one focuses on providing South Africans with excellent value products. Then choose the one that’s right for you and your family. Afterward, check each quote’s features and benefits. Finally, take the funeral cover quote that offers the most value.

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All info was correct at time of publishing May 9, 2016