Metropolitan Funeral Cover Information for Africa

The importance of funeral cover has become apparent to South Africans over the past few years.  The economy is struggling. So it is becoming more expensive to give your loved one a dignified funeral. Metropolitan funeral cover is an option you should consider to cover yourself in the face of rising funeral costs.

Yes, family and friends will be willing to help to pay for a funeral service and burial. But people realise they can avoid putting a strain on their loved ones by putting obtaining a funeral plan.

Just contribute affordable premiums every month. And on the dreaded day of death, they will receive an agreed upon sum to cater for the funeral expenses.

About Metropolitan Funeral Cover

This cover is one of the main products that Metropolitan Life offers, and it’s a company with a history

Metropolitan Funeral Cover

stretching back to 1897. It provides a variety of financial services to over 12 million South Africans.

Metropolitan, also known as Metlife, has expanded its base of operation to other African countries as well and has branches in Botswana, Nigeria and Kenya among other nations.

Metropolitan funeral plan is one of the most affordable in the country. For just R36 a month you will get insurance of up to R30,000. So that is the most basic Metropolitan funeral cover you can get, but there are several others available to cover both you and your family with enticing additional benefits.

If you have a Large Family, then the Family Funeral Plan is Definitely for You

This plan is ideal if you have a spouse and some children you wish to cover. Significantly, in the unfortunate event of your death, your dependents will get up to R50,000 for your funeral expenses. If your spouse passes away, you will receive the same amount.

Depending on the size of your Metropolitan funeral cover premiums, your children (those below the age of 21) will get cover for between R1,250 and R25,000. This payout will still be made even in the event of a stillborn baby, and if your child is a student, they are covered up to the age of 25. Besides the agreed upon payout, if you or anyone from your immediate family dies in an accident, you will be paid double the amount of the cover up to R30,000.

Extended Family Funeral Plan

What about the members of my family who are not eligible for the family Metropolitan funeral cover explained above? There is a Metropolitan Life funeral cover just for them; the Extended Family funeral plan.

With this plan, you can get money to help with the funeral costs if your parents, grandparents, cousins, in-laws, etc. pass away. Depending on the premiums you contribute you can get a payout of up to R30,000 when they become deceased. You can cover up to nine family members with this package, and they must be under 85 years of age.

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