Use a Funeral Plan To Insure Against Huge Funeral Costs

Death is something we don’t like to discuss. Some people believe that talking about death or a funeral plan is courting the Grim Reaper.

But we all know that death is an inevitability. When it happens unexpectedly or after a struggle with illness, it leaves us full of grief and a sense of loss.

It also leaves the surviving family with a financial challenge. Funeral services and burials are costly. When death occurs, then you realise how many things you need for a successful funeral and burial.

Owning a funeral plan significantly relieves your loved ones of the expense. It allows them to give you a decent farewell in the unfortunate event of your death.

When the Time Arrives It’s Already Too Late

Funeral PlanHere are just some of the items you will need for the actual burial are:

A casket, flower arrangements, wreaths, just to start. You will need to transport the body from the mortuary to the site of the burial which involves a cost. Before that, there is the cost of keeping the deceased in the morgue and of preparing them for transport.

Let’s back up a bit further and consider the cost of getting the word out that your loved one has passed. Taking out a newspaper ad, even a small spot for one day is quite expensive.

We’re already talking thousands of rand, and we’re not yet at the expense of holding a funeral service.

Attendees will need food, and the chairs they sit on will need to be hired. If you hold the service outdoors, you will need tents to keep the weather out. Depending on the size of the crowd a public address system may need to be hired.

Funeral cover, or a funeral plan, will help you deal with all these expenses without having to go into your pocket.

All you will need to do is get the death certificate and other necessary documents together and make a claim from the service provider. Most companies say they will process these claims within 48 hours and release the agreed upon amount. It may take a little longer, but you should get your funeral plan benefits within a week or so.

Various Funeral Plan Options

Avbob funeral plan: This is one of the best options as they offer much more than a funeral policy. They make arrangements to obtain the death certificate of your loved one. They even send you someone to help you make crucial decisions regarding the funeral.

Edgars funeral plan: When it comes to accessibility, few plans beat Edgars. You can walk into any Edgars outlet and apply for the family funeral plan or personal funeral plan. Hollard underwrites the policy.

Momentum funeral plan: With this cover, you can cater for yourself, your spouse, your children and extended family affordably and enjoy other great benefits.

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