Why Getting an Edgars Funeral Plan Is a Great Idea

Getting a funeral plan is now almost a matter of necessity, not choice. Indeed, we may not like to think about death, but it will inevitably happen to us and to those we love. But an Edgars funeral plan can make things easier.

Indeed, one of the ways we can lessen the burden of grief is to lighten the financial burden on ourselves and our loved ones when that dreaded day comes.

Holding a funeral service and burial costs money, and a funeral policy can help you defray these costs without having to go back into your pocket.

An Edgars funeral Policy Will Suit your Lifestyle Just like shopping at Edgars

Edgars Funeral

There are many funeral policies in South Africa. However, regardless of your level of income, you will find a funeral cover that you can comfortably afford at Edgars.

The Edgars funeral service offers South Africans cover for themselves and their families for as little as R42.50 per month.

Edgars funeral policy is a policy provided by the financial services branch of Edgars, a leading clothing store. They offer many different kinds of insurance products which cater for legal assistance, personal property, health, life and death.

So regard them a one stop shop for your insurance needs. For their insurance portfolio, Edgars have partnered with Hollard Life, a leader in this field. Edgars funeral insurance comes in some flavours to suit different lifestyles and personal circumstances.

Edgars Funeral Policy Options

The first kind of policy offered by Edgars funeral is the family funeral plan. Importantly, this product is ideal for any working South African with a family. All you need to do is pay a monthly premium, which ranges from R42.50 to R199.50 and this Edgars funeral policy will cover you for up to R50,000. Included in the cover are your spouse and up to 5 children.

If you do not yet have a family, you can apply for the second of the Edgars funeral policies, namely the personal funeral plan. With this policy, your beneficiaries will be given up to R20,000 in the unfortunate event of your death. And you can service this Edgars funeral cover with contributions of as little as R22.50 every month.

The last kind of funeral insurance is the parent funeral plan. As the name suggests, it allows the policyholder to have funeral cover for parents. Up to four parents can be covered by this policy and in the event of their death, you will receive between R4,500 and R5,000 per parent.

One of the key attractions of Edgars funeral is just how quick and easy it is to process claims. In fact, they assure clients that claims will be paid within 48 hours of submitting valid documentation.


Arguably the best part is that you can set the process rolling by visiting your nearest Edgars store. The application process for a policy is just so simple. Indeed, you can get funeral policy quotes by sending them an SMS. Then an agent will call you back and give you all the information you need. And you could just as easily make the enquiry by walking into any Edgars store.

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