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Getting family funeral cover is not just a good idea; you should treat it as a necessity just as every forward-looking family does. So much as we all pray to enjoy long, healthy and prosperous lives, we know that death is an inevitability. So get family funeral cover quotes and sign up for the plan that suits you best.

Planning for it is not beckoning the Grim Reaper, as some superstitions go. Significantly, getting funeral cover quotes is about thinking ahead to make a painful process that much more bearable. Imagine not having to worry about burial expenses, the cost of a coffin or the cost of transporting your deceased loved one after their death. And no running around either, just claiming your payment from the insurer and proceeding to give your dearly departed a dignified send-off. Family Funeral CoverAnd it gets even better when you get a family funeral cover.

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Most funeral covers come in different categories. You can get a funeral cover just for yourself, which is the member-only cover. That is very useful as in the unfortunate event of your demise, the people you leave behind can activate your cover and give you the kind of farewell you deserve. With your funeral costs taken care of, your surviving family can use their savings to improve their lives.

You can have a basic family funeral cover which covers yourself, your spouse and the number of children you want. The amount you will pay regarding premiums for each child will vary depending on their age. The younger the child, the lower the premium. What about my old folks, you ask. Worry not, you can also get funeral cover for extended family. All you need to do is nominate the people you want to cover and pay for their premiums every month.

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If you have made up your mind, which you already should have by now, that you need family funeral cover, then you need to get cracking looking for funeral cover quotes. And this is not the big hassle you imagine it to be. Instead of going to the sites of individual insurance companies requesting for quotes, you can just visit a comparison site. All you need to do is give it your details, and it will give you quotes of covers that will be suited to you.

Which insurance companies offer good family funeral cover? There is quite a number. Get funeral cover quotes from them all. You could check out Metropolitan Life for starters. Their Metropolitan funeral cover will cost you just R36 in premiums and give your family a payoff of R30,000 in case the unthinkable happens to you.

You could also think about taking the Doves funeral cover which offers several options for you and your extended family. Under the extended cover, you can get funeral cover for your parents of up to R8,000. The Sanlam funeral cover offers an attractive option in that they pay you back cash if you do not claim after 5 and ten years. Assupol funeral cover and Avbob family funeral cover are also worth considering. Avbob is especially tempting as it comes with great free benefits.

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All info was correct at time of publishing May 5, 2014