Old Mutual Funeral Cover Makes Bereavement Easier

Old Mutual Funeral Cover is there for you when the death of a loved one causes many family disputes.

Unfortunately, children of the deceased do bicker over the belongings of the departed person and over who is going to foot the bill for the funeral.

But with Old Mutual, footing the bill becomes easy. Living in South Africa means preparing for the unexpected.

If you don’t die in a hail of bullets, the mortality report from Stats SA reveals you’ll die from a largely preventable disease.

The death of a primary breadwinner can make it difficult for remaining family members. Without an income, how will they pay for anything, let alone a funeral?

Old Mutual Funeral Cover for Dignity and Peace of Mind

Funeral cover is essential if you want to lay your loved one to rest with dignity. South Africa has many types of funeral cover. Old Mutual Funeral Cover provides a dignified and memorable farewell for a loved one.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Check each of the different funeral cover options because there is one that will cater for your needs and budget.

The high cost of funerals in South Africa today makes funeral cover an essential. Just the cost of a casket alone is something very few can afford.

Add in other costs such as transportation of the deceased, flowers, music, tombstone and very often a marquee. With Old Mutual Funeral Cover, you are sure of low monthly premiums and cover that is suitable for your unique needs.

Parents’ Funeral Cover for the Folks who Loved you through Thick and Thin

Old Mutual Funeral Cover allows you to carry out the funeral wishes of your parents. Old Mutual funeral cover for parents will only mean that when your parents die, they will be laid to rest with dignity.

In the event of their deaths, you want to ensure your parents get the funeral they deserve. If your parents don’t have funeral cover now is the time to surprise them. The premiums are very affordable, and a policy for your parents can be quickly and easily set up.

Old Mutual is the largest and most trusted financial services provider. They have been providing financial services to all sectors of the South African economy since 1845. With Old Mutual Funeral Cover you get a range of funeral plans for your family. Cover for you, your partner, parents, parents-in-law and your children.

What else does Old Mutual Funeral Cover offer?

Their Pay When You Can option is simple and cost-effective. You make payments in cash, and you don’t even need a bank account. You pay a one time fee, and coverage is for 14 months. The beauty about Old Mutual funeral plans is that you can choose cover built around your specific needs.

With Old Mutual More4U plan, you get even more. More4U will help with transporting the body to a funeral home. They will also provide free accommodation for the relative accompanying the body. Old Mutual does all those confusing and frustrating things for you.

These include organising the death certificate as well as the filling in of legal documents. After you have registered on your cell phone, you get an SMS. This SMS with your policy number will confirm you have a funeral policy. Funeral cover starts from the time you receive your SMS.

When a loved one passes away, don’t let it be the end of the world regarding expense. You should look at the very affordable Old Mutual funeral cover premiums and then compare them with other funeral cover providers. Because affordable funeral cover just means laying your family member to rest in peace because of the provision you made.

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