Sanlam Funeral Cover Gives South Africans Peace of Mind

Come to grips with the inevitability of death and the importance of planning for it. Like many South Africans, you should consider taking up life assurance policies. Many people have elected to take Sanlam funeral cover because Sanlam is a leading insurer in the country.

Economic times are harsh and funeral costs are rising. So people are beginning to see the wisdom in taking funeral cover.

With Sanlam funeral cover insurance, you save yourself the trouble of raising funds or diverting your savings when a death occurs. You simply make a claim against your policy and get the cash you need to cover your funeral expenses.

Sanlam Funeral Cover from a Preferred Service Provider

Sanlam Funeral Cover iCoverSanlam started life as a financial services company in 1918. The company offers a broad range of insurance products for both individuals and groups.

Also in its list of products are home and personal loans, various savings packages and a diverse portfolio of investment products.

Sanlam also does asset management as well as different capital market activities. From their beginnings in Bellville, the firm has grown across South Africa. And now Sanlam has business interests in various parts of the world.

Sanlam Puts the Power in Your Hands

The beauty of the Sanlam funeral policy is that it puts the power in your hand. It gives you the ability to choose a plan that suits your budget. With just R80 a month you can get a policy that will help your loved ones accord you a dignified send-off should the unthinkable happen. And you will do this without straining you will choose a premium that you can comfortably pay.

Sanlam Funeral CoverDepending on the Sanlam funeral cover package you opt for you will still be covered even after you retire or lose your source of income to retrenchment. Your premiums will also continue to be paid for you under certain conditions should you become physically impaired and unable to pay them yourself.

Additional benefits

Besides receiving cash for an honourable send-off should death occur, Sanlam funeral cover comes with some juicy extras. For starters, transport will be provided to ferry the deceased from the mortuary or funeral home they are to the place of burial anywhere within South Africa.

The grocery benefit cushions the impact of the loss as the family breadwinner. Every month they will receive R1000 to cater for their basic needs. On top of the money to provide for funeral logistics and the burial, you will also get an extra R10,000 to honour the departed loved one with a tombstone or any other way you see fit.

There are also benefits you can get from your Sanlam funeral cover while still alive such as the loyalty benefit. Here you get back your first 12 months’ premiums if your policy has been active for five years.


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