Mukuru Allows Your Family to Benefit When You Die

Mukuru knows that the cost of living is rising dramatically but so is the cost of dying.

You deserve the best when you or a family member bows out of life on earth. And that is what having a good funeral insurance can do for you.

So now is the time to start looking at burial insurance. Note that many people find that the one that offers you the best regarding services and price is Mukuru. And with them, you will be able to plan ahead for a dignified funeral.

Not only that. Remember that Mukuru is a Shona word for ‘old and respected’. And the company offers other benefits that make the death of a family member easier.

Mukuru – Not Only Do They Speak Your Language – They Cover the Cost of Repatriation of the Body

TMukuruheir call centres speak the languages of their customers and are passionate about helping clients who are abroad, allowing registered users of a Mukuru account and who have all the right documentation, to send much-needed funeral money across the border by using the Internet.

When all is going well, planning for a funeral seems ludicrous, but things can change in the twinkling of an eye and then you will have to face all the costs and anguish of planning a funeral on your own.

However, with Mukuru, the taxing and heartsore days after the death of a loved one is easier. And that’s because you have a good funeral policy in place. Guardrisk Life Limited underwrites Mukuru Cover, and their funeral insurance covers the cost of repatriation on the death of the insured person.

Foreign nationals who want to look at what Mukuru can offer will need to be from Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.

Mukuru Funeral Cover offers three options:

  • Send Me Home – the premium is R20 and includes: R12 500.00 Accidental Death Cover. R10 000.00 Final Expenses coverage. Repatriation Coverage to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland. Mukuru provides transport, and two relatives of the insured person may accompany the dead body back home.
    Condolence Fee of R2500.00
  • Send Me Home Premium – the R50.00 premium includes: R18 000.00 Cash payout. R10 000.00 Final Expenses Coverage. R12 500.00 Accidental Death Coverage. Two relatives may accompany the dead body back home using the transport provided by Mukuru.
  • Send Me Home Family – R120.00 premium includes Principal Member R15 000.00. Spouse – R15 000.00. Child – which covers first four children

To qualify for Mukuru, you will need a valid passport and valid asylum or RSA ID.

Mukuru Cover is an excellent option for foreigners living and working in South Africa, paying out far more cash than what the customer pays. So this cover is the answer to anyone who doesn’t understand what it costs all to repatriate a dead body back to its country.

Certainly, it is time to sign up for Mukuru Cover now to benefit from their cash back policy. They also provide much needed financial services such as a banking pre-paid debit card to clients who would otherwise not been able to have the provision of finance. So they would not have been able to provide a funeral to lay their loved one to rest.

To get a complimentary funeral cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page. For life insurance, please go here

All info was correct at time of publishing