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If like most South Africans, you are looking for funeral cover, then Momentum funeral cover is what you need.

You and your family now have a broad range of covers from which to choose. Folks of lower income levels can have access to cheap funeral cover too from Momentum.

Momentum Insurance offers a variety of funeral insurances, and there are some reasons that South Africans favour Momentum.

One of those reasons is the number of people you can cover with just one policy. Up to 50 people can be the beneficiaries of one cover.

Momentum Funeral Cover Protects Your Entire family in One Policy

So you can get cover for every child in the family regardless of age, besides your spouse. It also means that an employer can offer Momentum funeral insurance to their workers as part of their benefits. And unlike most other plans whose age limit is 65 years, Momentum funeral covers you until your 75th birthday.

Momentum Funeral Cover

Another reason why most everyone wants a Momentum funeral plan is that you get rewarded for faithfully paying your monthly premiums. After every five years, this company promises to pay you a year’s premiums. How cool is that? Given this benefit, a Momentum funeral cover can become a means of saving. Who said you have to wait for death to occur to get something back from a funeral policy?

Usefulness of Momentum Funeral Cover

But when death occurs, the Momentum funeral cover reveals its value fully. First of all, your claim will be processed within 48 hours, ensuring you have the money promptly to deal with all costs.

The money you receive will be enough to cater for expenses ranging from what you pay to funeral service providers to airtime for phone calls that you need to make. The amount of cover the Momentum funeral policy gives you depends on what you pay in premiums. You as the principle get cover for between R10,000 and 100,000 and your kids for between R5,000 and R30,000.

Getting a quote for Momentum funeral cover is very simple, just fill in the form on this page with personal details such as your email address, names and telephone number.

If you want the cover to cater for people other than yourself, you will need to say if they are your child, parent, etc. and their date of birth. You can add as many beneficiaries as you want and select the amount of cover you want them to have as well.

To get a complimentary funeral cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page.


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