Funeral Cover Quotes for South Africans Online

There is nothing you can do to prevent death. It happens when it happens, and many a time it happens when we least expect it. While we cannot prevent death, we can plan for it. Some may view this as courting bad tidings, but it is merely pragmatic. Wouldn’t you want to give your loved ones a dignified farewell when without having to bend over backwards or bother people with fundraising? Funeral cover quotes will avoid this problem.

If it were you who passed away, God forbid, you wouldn’t want your surviving kin to exhaust their savings in the burial and funeral service. That is why you need funeral cover. Getting funeral insurance is not something to jump into hastily.  Some insurance companies offer this product, and you need to find the one that works best for you. For this, you need to source for as many funeral plan quotes as you can.

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Getting quotes are not as difficult as you imagine. You don’t even have to visit each insurance company’s site individually to get the information you need. You can just log into a comparison site, submit your details and request a quote. More and more South Africans are getting their online funeral plan quotes this way. As you begin this process, you will come across various websites of different companies. Below we have listed some you can check out.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover

That is the fFuneral Cover Quotesuneral plan offered by Metropolitan Life, and it comes in many different flavours. They have a basic plan that covers the member only, another which caters for the member and their spouse and another which takes care of the entire family. Another of them is the group funeral plan. This kind of cover is ideal for you if you have a company with more than 20 employees. The cover provides cash to cater for funeral costs in case of the worker’s death, the death of their spouse or any of their children who are eligible. Getting Metropolitan funeral plan quotes will help you know what works best.

Sanlam Funeral Cover

Sanlam, a financial services group that have been around for almost a century also offers two kinds of funeral plan to South Africans. One is the basic funeral plan, and the other is the accidental death plan. Both of them cover the member and their family, and besides getting their funeral cover quotes online, you can pay for them online as well.

Avbob Funeral Cover

Avbob is another company whose funeral plan quotes you want. They describe theirs as a funeral service and they mean just that. Not only do they help you get the death certificate, but their funeral representatives also help you make the decisions you need to make for a proper funeral. They also throw in some freebies.

Other funeral cover quotes you will be interested in include Doves, Kaizer Chiefs, Pep and the plan offered by Assupol. Also be sure to check out Clientele.

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All info was correct at time of publishing May 5, 2014