1Life Funeral Plan with a Grocery Benefit

We at 1Life understand that it shouldn’t be necessary to spend your savings or even borrow money if you ever need to bury a family member. Therefore, our Funeral Cover policies support you in these difficult times with a grocery benefit.  Ensure that you do not experience financial stress during your grieving period.

Benefits of 1Life Funeral Cover

In the event of death, your 1Life Funeral plan will provide:

  • Between R5000 and R10 000 to cover funeral costs (the final amount will depend on the specific policy details and monthly contributions). 1Life will pay the money within 24 hours of the successful submission of your claim.
  • A R5000 memorial benefit for purchasing a headstone
  • Repatriation services to move your loved one’s remains to their final resting place. This service allows one family member to accompany the remains and provides for accommodation. 1Life is sensitive to different cultural practices and will meet your specific requirements in all respects.
  • Funeral Plan with a Grocery BenefitPopular Grocery Benefit

  • Grocery Benefit. In case of the death of the primary member, his or her family will receive a monthly grocery benefit of up to R1000 for six months
  • Premium Waiver. In the case of the death of the main member, the remaining family will stay covered for up to 2 years with no further payments.

In addition to these outstanding benefits, 1Life will also provide assistance with:

  • Legal requirements in connection with claim and burial procedures
  • Advice on how to obtain the death certificate or other relevant documentation
  • Referrals for funeral parlours, pathologists, counsellors or psychologists, if necessary


Cover for Everyone

You can extend a 1Life Funeral Plan to cover additional members if required. As long as both the primary member and the spouse are older than 18 and younger than 65, you can have cover for:

  • Five children under 21 (25 if you can provide proof that they are full-time students)
  • Ten members of your extended family (up to age 65), including four parents and in-laws (up to age 75)
  • 1Life funeral cover does not require any existing 1Life policy – anyone can apply

Almost everyone is eligible for a 1Life Funeral Plan. You need not have a medical test or examination before you can take out a funeral plan. However, individual policies and options may require an HIV test or HIV status disclosure so 1Life can calculate your premiums. Disabled clients are also welcome to apply for funeral cover, although they will have to answer some questions regarding your lifestyle and your current state of health.

As with most kinds of insurance, a waiting period applies when your funeral cover is activated. Although claims related to accidental death are paid immediately, a waiting period of 6 months applies to deaths as a result of natural causes.

Funeral Cover or Life Insurance?

Please remember that Funeral Cover is not Life Insurance. Funeral cover is intended to pay for your loved one’s funeral and other related costs, not to replace a salary and support the family in case of death.

Fortunately, at 1Life we can offer options for both kinds of cover. Contact us today and get peace of mind for the future of yourself and your family.

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All info was correct at time of publishing