Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan For Zimbabweans

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan for Zimbabweans

You can rest assured, thanks to the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan for Zimbabweans.  An Unexpected tragedy, while working or travelling, will not become a financial burden to the loved ones you leave behind.

The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan will pay up to US$20 000 on confirmation of your death.  Relieving family and friends of the financial strain of returning your remains home for a funeral.

Although the payment will not alleviate the suffering of a lost loved one. It will, however, protect your family from the indignity of begging for a loan for the funeral costs.

diaspora funeral cash planThe Diaspora Plan offers the following truly outstanding features and benefits to the responsible Zimbabwean travelling abroad:

  • Cash Payout: A guaranteed wire transfer of up to US$20 000, within 24 hours to the designated beneficiary.
  • Payout Guaranteed: As long as you are current with your premiums, we guarantee that we will pay what we promised.
  • No Medical Inspections: When applying for Diaspora policy online, you can avoid the inconvenience of medical examinations.
  • Guaranteed Membership: The Diaspora Plan is about Zimbabweans, and about you the diaspora Zimbabwean. We cover all Zimbabweans: your parents, your family, your in-laws and you. All Zimbabweans between the age of 18 and 75 are eligible for the Diaspora Plan. We welcome children under the family plan. (Covering children until age 23).
  • Worldwide Cover: Because your career could take you anywhere, the cover is not localised or limited. We will cover you, where ever you are in the world.
  • Guaranteed Payout in US$: Your policy will stipulate United States Dollars (US$), and that is the currency that will be paid to the beneficiary.


More Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan Benefits

  • Optional Cover Amounts: We understand that life is hard enough without paying more than you must for cover, so you can set your cover limit to meet your budget. Because all of our members have different needs, we offer policies with payouts ranging from US$2 500 up to US$20 000.
  • Immediate, Complete Payout: As a Zimbabwean living abroad, you know that the unexpected can occur at any time. Complete cover for accidental death begins immediately, while the waiting period for natural death cover is only three months.
  • Increasing payout: Cover for natural death increases after the mandatory 3-month waiting period. Your Diaspora Policy will pay US$2 5OO after three months, US$5 000 after six months, and the full amount after 12 months.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If at any time within the 30 days of taking out your policy and doubt your choice. We offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Financial Payment Options: The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan recognises that your income stream will change over time. Therefore we offer a number of payment options designed to suit both your budget and lifestyle. If you want to avoid the financial burden of a monthly premium, you can choose to pay your policy quarterly, bi-annually or even annually. Whatever payment choice you make, we will provide full cover as long as you pay your premiums.


And More Benefits

  • Free Cover: After 20 years of continuous cover (or whenever your premium payments equal the insured sum), your membership in Diaspora will become free, automatic and perpetual. In effect, you will receive free cover for the rest of your life. As an added benefit, the death of the principal ensured after 17 years of uninterrupted cover qualifies the remaining covered members for free cover indefinitely. Should the principal insured pass away before 17 years of cover, the members can choose to continue to pay the premiums until the 17-year free membership condition is met, at which time they will be covered for free.
  • Refund of premiums: If your natural death occurs within the three-month waiting period. Your premiums will be returned with the deduction of administration costs.
  • Single, Family and Group Plans Available: Diaspora policies can be tailored to meet the needs of a single individual or an extended family. Group plans are also available for Burial Societies, Associations, Churches and the like.
  • SADC Restrictions: Please be aware that a maximum policy payout amount applies to applicants in SADC nations.


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