Independent Funeral Brokers – Available in South Africa

The death of a family member is devastating for those left behind. There is not only the loss of a loved one to cope with but also the often-unexpected financial strain of a funeral. Fortunately, funeral insurance is now widely available, as well as independent funeral brokers, to relieve you or your loved ones of the expenses relating to a fitting and dignified interment. Start by learning what benefits a quality funeral play offers. This way we can assure you that death will never cost you more than tears and mourning.

Independent Funeral Brokers in South Africa

Funeral policies are a specialised form of insurance that pays a specified cash amount on the death of the person who is covered. This money is typically used to afford a proper funeral for the deceased. This is so that there is no need to spend precious savings or take out a loan. You can also extend funeral cover to to cover family members. This means that the funeral cover will also cover a member, spouse and any children.

independent funeral brokers

Assistance for your family

A funeral is more than just an opportunity to say our last goodbyes; it is a way to show our respect and love to the departed, as well a time of mutual comfort and support. But no family should be troubled by the added stress of raising sufficient money to pay for a fitting departure. The right funeral insurance can be an affordable and uncomplicated way to prepare for whatever bereavements the future has in store for you.

The unfortunate truth is that if you pass away suddenly, your assets could well become tied up by the bureaucratic process of managing your estate, or not be immediately available for any number of unexpected reasons. A good funeral policy should pay out within a day or two after filing a successful claim. And because the payment is in cash, you can use the money to cover any immediate expenses. This eliminates any pressing financial burdens.


Choosing the right funeral cover

Choosing adequate, affordable and dependable funeral cover can be difficult and intimidating. If you don’t have personal knowledge of the industry, you could easily end up paying too much for too little cover. You could also become the victim of an unscrupulous or unprofessional service provider.

For this reason, we recommend that you get a broker, from the many independent funeral brokers, with a lot of experience who will help you get the most suitable cover for yourself and your family in South Africa. A professional broker will be familiar with the various products on offer. They will also be able to make recommendations based on your specific requirements and budget.


When speaking to the independent funeral brokers and considering the various options available to you, remember that a good funeral policy should offer the following features:

  • Speedy payment: The policy should pay the promised sum quickly, without the aggravation of excessive paperwork and delays.
  • Flexible: Ensure that you can extend your policy to cover those closest to you.
  • Affordable: Question your broker as to your most affordable option.
  • Reliable: Some insurance providers are more reputable and reliable than others. Your broker will be able to choose a provider with a good payment history to honour your policy.


African Independent Brokers

At African Independent Brokers, we dedicate our time to providing you with the best advice to suit your specific requirements. We can provide policies from South Africa’s leading insurers. We can also advise you as to the best course of action to match your individual needs.

Because of our extensive contacts, African Independent Brokers can help you with more than just funeral cover. We will gladly examine your financial portfolio and advise you about life insurance, accident cover and a wide range of other product.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable brokers soon and secure the future financially for both you and your family.


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