Different Types of Funeral Plans

Each family is different, and each has their personal needs when it comes to funerals.  When taking out a funeral plan we opt for control over our affairs and being able to experience peace of mind. Before simply buying a funeral plan, there are some variables that you need to consider. Understanding the different types of funeral plans available can help you choose the one that suits your needs best.

Cash Only Funeral Plans – Different Types of Funeral Plans

Cash only funeral plans provide a cash payout to beneficiaries. The beneficiary can then use the Different Types of Funeral Plansmoney to pay for any of the funeral services or products he/she chooses when arranging the funeral.

Various service providers can set provider and any cash remaining after they pay for the funeral if the beneficiary deems it fit. This option provides free use of payouts, and most people prefer this option for its flexibility and budget-friendly options.

Compared to other plans, this plan is more affordable, but benefits are limited.

Cash & Benefit Plans

Funeral plans that provide a cash payout, as well as added benefits, ensure that a cash amount is still paid to the beneficiary. These funds can be allocated to funeral services that are available through the provider.

Benefits provided can include various discounts or even free services. These benefits are already in your plan.

Fixed Plan & Customized Benefits

Some companies offer a fixed funeral program where an option is provided for you to add your benefits – at an extra cost – from a list of benefits available. These fixed plans usually only cover the basics of an average funeral.

Some of these benefits can include:

  • Vehicle access
  • Extended family cover
  • Monthly expense provider
  • Moneyback benefit
  • Life cover benefit
  • Medical expenses cover


Parent Funeral Plan

You can also choose to only take out a funeral cover for one or both of your parents. This plan will only cover them and will ensure that you can hold a dignified funeral for them when they pass away.

Burial Plan

It can be a cheaper plan but only covers the burial service.

Funerals vary according to religion, cultures and customs. Some cultures or religions may only believe in cremation of the body. And would thus need a funeral cover plan that will cover the costs of this. Whatever your personal, religious or cultural preferences are, there is a funeral insurance plan out there for you. So discuss what you require with your service provider. To find what will work best for you with all the different types of funeral plans out there.


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