Which funeral plan should you choose?

Although it’s morbid to think about it, have you given any thought to which is the best funeral plan for you?

We all die someday. Whether we live a long, full life or have life cut short, it’s hard on those left behind. Through proper planning, though, you can make it a whole lot easier.

Your loved ones shouldn’t have to find money for your funeral expenses at a very difficult time in their lives. They should be able to relax knowing that you were concerned about what they would need and planned accordingly.

What the Best funeral Plan should Offer

  • The type of plan will depend on whether or not you are married or have dependents.
  • You want a plan with an established insurer.
  • The amount should pay out in a maximum of 48 hours.
  • There should be a choice of options.
  • Good value for money.


Best funeral PlanThere is no such thing as a cheap funeral. And, let’s be honest, your loved ones will want to give you the send-off that they think you deserve.

Everything has to be taken into account from the cost of transporting the body, the cost of the coffin, flowers, transport for mourners, food, through to the headstone. Costs pile up rather quickly.

It’s not About all the Added extras

There is a range of funeral covers to choose from, many of which offer a range of benefits. The key to finding the best funeral cover is to choose a policy that offers you benefits that you really need.

Some plans offer trauma counselling, a certain amount of airtime, full funeral costs, added benefits for unveiling a headstone at a later stage, etc. You must decide which benefits really mean the most to you.

So what do You Really Need in a Policy?

For the most part, you want a plan that will pay out the claim quickly, without any problems. The claim should not take longer than 48 hours to process as arrangements can’t wait.

Choosing an insurer that is well-established with a reasonably large client base is another important point. You want to know that the company is capable of paying out the claim as and when they are supposed to.

You want to choose a company that gives you different options when it comes to cover. A one size fits all approach here could end up meaning that you pay for cover that you don’t need.

Tailor-make Your plan

You’ll need a plan to suit your own family circumstances. Do you have a spouse and children? Do you need cover for your parents or in-laws? Exactly what level of cover are you going to look for.

Finally, does the plan that you consider offer real value for money? It is important here not to be blinded by the marketing tactics. Many insurers add on benefits to make their product seem more attractive. Not all of these benefits are actually what you need or want, though.

When it comes to choosing the best funeral plan, your own personal circumstances will dictate what that is. With a little bit of careful planning, and a little research, you can easily find out which option is best for you.

All info was correct at time of publishing