Joining a funeral Stokvel will change your life for the better.

When you become a member of a funeral Stokvel, you pay a regular, fixed amount.

When a stokvel member dies, the family receive funeral planning and funds from the joint amount to pay for the srvice.

It makes sense to Become a Member of a funeral Stokvel

Some reasons to join a burial stokvel are:

  • Saving together with people who think the same way.
  • Pooled money brings in better returns.
  • You join a social circle and create a spirit of unity through regular meetings.


Also known as informal insurance, burial stokvels have helped many South Africans give dignified funerals to their kin.

Learn more about funeral stokvels and how they can help you give your relation a decent burial.

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Become a member of a funeral Stokvel

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