Liberty Life 24 Hour Funeral Assist

For those left behind by a death in the family, the added anguish from the financial strain of a funeral is the whole basis for the Liberty Life 24 Hour Funeral Assist benefit.

So Why choose the Liberty Life 24 Hour Funeral Assist Cover?

  • Affordable premiums afford you an honourable send-off
  • Extra benefits such as educational benefits and tombstone cover
  • Other useful benefits include will and legal help-lines
  • Repatriation benefit for those who die far from home
  • Funeral attendance benefit
  • Airtime voucher to facilitate funeral arrangements
  • And a grocery allowance and three months’ worth of pre-paid electricity


Importantly, for these, and many more great ways Liberty can put your mind at rest about your family’s finances following your death, complete the quote form today. Therefore, complete and send the form on this page.

Funeral Assist from Liberty Life

All info was correct at time of publishing