Old Mutual Funeral Support

For a dignified send-off, and a family left behind financially secure, you need look no further than Old Mutual Funeral Support.

Old Mutual Funeral Support Benefits

Firstly, through their Comprehensive+ and Standard funeral plans, Old Mutual offers:

  • Funeral insurance
  • Individual, Family and Parents Plans
  • Extended Family Plans


Additionally, included in these plans, free of charge, are Family Care Services. These include:

  • General support
  • Legal care
  • Health provision
  • HIV, Assault and Trauma treatment
  • Emergency medical care


And then there are the new benefits in their Comprehensive+ and Standard plans:

  • Grocery benefit
  • Education benefits
  • Extra cover benefit


Importantly, to get this and so much more, submit a completed quote form today. Therefore learn how Old Mutual can significantly ease your bereavement pain.

Old Mutual Funeral Support as Part of Funeral Plan

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