Grief and Loss Can Be Helped With Professional Help

People who have experienced grief and loss describe it like riding a roller coaster. It is a series of high and lows, ups, and downs. For some, the grieving ride might be smoother than for others. Others experience grief and loss is a very challenging and intense time. For others grief and loss can linger for years, robbing people of their joy of life and also robbing them of their health. Death is not the only time we experience grief and loss. There are other reasons too, such as miscarriages, breakups of relationships, loss of jobs, rejection, and much more.

Different people will show different emotions in grief. Some will even question their faith. Some will be intensely shocked and disbelieving, or profoundly sad. There will be some that will be eaten away by guilt, anger or fear, and there will even be some that will be in denial – they refuse to believe or to admit they are in denial about someone or a circumstance which might Grief and Losshave brought about their grief. Friends and family who care for them will advise them to get professional help.

Grief and Loss – Your Health can Suffer

Feeling grief can certainly affect our health us well. It can bring about physical problems like great tiredness and even nausea, as the immune system takes a knock and you begin to feel below par. Others lose weight or put on weight while others begin to experience aches and pains. Many lie awake at night, their minds over-active and distressed.

Grief and Loss – Professional Help is a Call Away

When someone seems unable to cope with their grief and their state of mind and body is in jeopardy, it could be the right time to seek professional help. Sometimes these people don’t have the support of friends and family with whom they can express their feelings of sadness.

Many people have their faith and dependence on God during times of grief and they draw great strength from this. They find that going to church; praying and drawing support from fellow believers and friends strengthens them and carries them through. Others find that a support group or a volunteer group like reaching out to others in hospitals or shelters and supporting others instead of looking inward at their grief helps a great deal.

Grief and Loss – When Grief is Too Much to Bear

If you feel that your grief is too much to bear, that you have no spirit or will to continue with life, it is very important that you seek the help of a professional therapist or grief counsellor. These people are trained to help you work through your emotions and to overcome the obstacles in your life that are adding to the grieving.

You should contact a counsellor or professional psychologist if you –

  • no longer have the will to live and you long to also have died with your loved one
  • have feelings of guilt or feel disconnected from others for longer than usual
  • you can’t perform your daily tasks



Get professional help for grief and loss from a caring family, from your pastor, a counsellor or a psychiatrist and get medication from your doctor. Some people are given the gift of a dog or cat at times like these, and this forces them to take care of another living thing. In return, they find wonderful comfort and companionship from these pets. If everything is too much, by taking the first step towards getting help, you can get your life safely back on track again.

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