AmaKhosi FC Funeral Cover

South Africa is a sport-mad country, and soccer is massively popular in South Africa. Small wonder really that Kaizer Chiefs Amakhosi FC funeral cover plan is so popular. The fans support a team who takes the time out to supply insurance cover for funeral. Kaizer Chiefs have created some policies to help their fans plan for their funeral. When someone in your family dies, it can provide a sense of responsibility that you have taken care of such matters.

The Kaizer Chiefs Amakhosi Funeral Cover Plan will pay out a lump sum on the death of someone. This cover ranges from R5 000 to R50 000, increasing in multiples of R5 000. Whether you are an individual or a family, the policies cater for South Africans who are between the ages of 18 to 75. With the Parents Funeral Benefit, you can cover your parents and even your parents-in-law for up to R 10 Kaizer Chiefs000 as long as they are under the age of 75.

Amakhosi FC Funeral Cover – Hollard in Partnership with Kaizer Chiefs

The Hollard Insurance Company is the joint third- largest short-term insurer. And customers who buy a funeral policy from the likes of Jet, Edgars and Kaizer Chiefs know they are investing in a Hollard policy. They are in partnership with soccer club Kaizer Chiefs to sell funeral insurance to their millions of fans and with useful payouts of up to R50 000.

Hollard knows too well that a funeral is a massive expense and that there are a hundred and one things that you need to pay for. Their Family Funeral benefits pay an amount on the death of a person and for up to 5 children. Other benefits include –

●  If you die because of an accident, you will get an additional benefit equal to your funeral benefit.
●  50% of the family funeral sum with a maximum of R10,000 per child.

Amakhosi FC Funeral CoverAmakhosi FC Funeral Cover – Make the First Year After Death Just that much Easier

With Amakhosi FC Funeral Cover, Kaizer Chiefs know that the first year after the death of perhaps a breadwinner can be harrowing, and this is why they make provision for this with their Groceries Benefit. The beneficiaries will get a fixed amount of up to R1200, and this will last for an entire year. The amount can be used to pay for groceries or to cover any other essential expenses you may have. They also offer the Memorial Benefit which pays out up to R10 000 one year after your death. This benefit will help with the expense of the unveiling ceremony. If this benefit is added to your funeral, plan your partner can also have cover.

Amakhosi FC Funeral Cover – Money in Your Pocketed within 48 Hours

Kaiser Chiefs know that a funeral sometimes has to be arranged at very short notice, and Kaizer Chiefs Financial Services can pay out the funeral benefit within 48 hours, providing that all the relevant documentation showing that it is a valid claim are handed in

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