Plan a Funeral to Perfection

There are different options available when you plan a funeral. Or planning what many people are calling an end-of-life celebration. The idea is to plan a funeral to perfection, so it reflects your wishes and those of the deceased. You want to plan a funeral well in advance. That’s because people who don’t have any idea what funeral items and services they need are often misguided.  An unscrupulous funeral director is a culprit. They pay for products and services they don’t need or can ill afford.

Main plan a funeral questions are as follows: What kind of funeral should it be? What funeral home should you use? And how much is everything going to cost? Planning a funeral is different with everyone and should, where Plan a Funeralpossible, work in accordance with the written instructions from the deceased.

Plan a Funeral – Choose the Time of Day

Traditional funerals take place in churches or funeral homes, but there are many ideas for less traditional funerals too. If you are planning a traditional funeral for your parents, for instance, you will want to be sure it is in accordance with their wishes.

Some Tips

●   Plan a funeral where the body is present or have a memorial service where the body is not present.
●   Choose a day of the week to hold the funeral and the time of day as well. If there are concerns about the weather, it may be a good idea to plan an indoor service
●   Ascertain whether the deceased wanted a funeral or memorial service. Certainly if the deceased wanted their body and casket to be present at their service, then you will need to have a funeral.

More Tips

●   A bulletin is nice as it gives those attending the order of service. Provide the names of the people taking a leading role in the service. The name of the minister or pastor should be made known as well as the person presenting the eulogy for instance. Provide the names of the people who sing a song as a tribute or who took the time to play a music instrument that they knew the deceased loved.
●   Did the deceased want photos? Maybe during the funeral service you want to show a short DVD recording on the life of the deceased

Plan a Funeral – Notify People of the Death

You will have to notify people of the death. Sometimes a personalised telephone call is best, but a bulk SMS can alert fewer friends and colleagues. Newspapers and social media are also ways to inform people.

What kind of location will the deceased prefer? Select a location and make sure it makes provision for wheelchairs. Check its size and parking facilities, particularly bearing in mind those attending the funeral with disabilities, such as requiring a wheelchair.

Certainly, funerals are influenced by religious and cultural traditions as well as costs, and this can be a guiding light when planning. Will the funeral be simple or elaborate, religious or secular? After you have met with the funeral director, there will be purchases you will have to think about things such as the casket and a headstone. You will need to think about the hearse for transporting the body to the funeral site, whether the body will be embalmed as well as what clothes the deceased will wear.

Sometimes a funeral home will charge extra for services and products sourced from an outside vendor and add this as an extra fee to their costs. The funeral provider is obliged to give you an itemised statement of the total cost of all the funeral products and services you will require.

Plan a Funeral – Your Last Wish needs to be Honoured

Plan your funeral service in advance so that you’ve got the time to specify what you want so that your family will celebrate your death exactly as you wish it to be.

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