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The greatest benefit of having funeral insurance is that it provides financial security for your family. Funeral plans differ significantly with what they offer and what they expect you to pay for their offerings so you need to compare them rigorously. Nobody can deny that having a funeral plan can spare your family drawing daggers with each other as to who is going to pay for all the funeral costs.

Dying is a costly business in South Africa whether you choose to be cremated or you opt for burial. Also, the local funeral industry isn’t well regulated and requires some innovative thinking if funeral practitioners want to set themselves apart. Whatever you choose, its makes perfect sense to have a funeral plan in place so that your family members know exactly what you want and that you have take care of the financial side too.

Compare quotes before Buying a Policy

Comparing funeral cover quotes is necessary so that you can find the one that will provide the cover and value added benefits you want. Comparing funeral plans can save you wasting money on unnecessary funeral-frills you don’t need.

Price is always going to be a huge factor when deciding which funeral home- and funeral Compare Funeral Cover Quotesdirector to choose. This is why some funeral plan providers provide a Funeral Cover Quote Calculator, allowing you to select the certain funeral plan you like and then to find out how much your premium will be.

Choices from No-Frill Plans to Plans Loaded with Benefits

There are some funeral cover comparison websites which allow you to compare funeral plans and other personal finance products. They compare the leading funeral plan policies with prices starting from just R25 a month. They provide all the prices and benefits, sparing you the hassle of looking around for quotes.

These sites aren’t affiliated with any funeral directors and you simply choose the plan or package you desire. They will pay a lump sum in the event of your death to your nominated beneficiary. These plans provide benefits up to R50 000 for instance and that amount is doubled if the death is accidental.

Some funeral plans don’t cover all expenses, leaving the family to bicker about which one of them is going to make up the shortfall. By comparing funeral cover quotes, you can actually be pro-active and avoid wasting a lot of money.


If people don’t have access to clear information on their funeral options, they will end up paying more than they should. When you find a reputable funeral cover compare site, you’ll be provided with clear and simple information on the plans, and this information is updated regularly.

Choose a Payment Strategy to Suit You

It is important to compare funeral cover quotes because you want to see what level of cover you will be getting. Many funeral plans come with different levels such as basic, standard and superior and the difference between the basic and the superior can be significant. You’ll find that there are also a number of payment options available to you such as a prepaid amount where you pay one single upfront amount or you can choose to pay a premium each month.

Be Responsible

We have a responsibility to provide for our dependents when we’re gone. The last thing you want is for your family to be stressed and bitter because they’ve been left with making arrangements they aren’t sure about and which promise to be exorbitant. Do the right thing, request a few funeral plan quotes and choose the one that is affordable and which promises a dignified and adequate send-off.

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