Funeral Plan for HIV Positive and AIDS Victims

Since the discovery of AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) in 1980, a fortune has gone into looking for a cure. To this day it is evident that HIV infection and Aids is a serious threat to human life. There are many strains of the disease and some are more deadly than others. Looking for funeral plan HIV positive AIDS victims has become an unfortunate part of life.

HIV is transmitted through blood and body fluids such as urine, semen, blood, saliva and even breast milk. After the cells in the body become infected, most people develop flu-like symptoms and have to eventually take a cocktail of antivirals. South Africa has the biggest HIV treatment programme in the world, and the country has well over 3 million people on these life-saving anti-retrovirals.

Funeral Plan HIV Positive AIDS – There’s a Waiting Period of 12 Months

The medical aids of South Africa accept people who are HIV positive. This is a huge relief for those with the disease, however they need to know that there may be some restrictions for a period of time when they join a medical aid.

If you are already HIV positive when you join a medical aid, you have to declare your status, Funeral Plan HIV Positive Aidswhich will be looked upon as a pre-existing condition, and therefore subject to certain restrictions. A pre-existing condition is any illness you already have when you join a medical aid.

The disease existed when you applied for medical aid membership. It doesn’t mean your medical aid is going to exclude your HIV cover, it just means you have to wait 12 months before your medical aid starts paying for the pre-existing condition.

When you join a medical aid you have to disclose your HIV status. Without making it known you will be complicating the terms of your membership, and the particular medical aid you join will simply refuse to pay for any bills and you will have to pay the bills yourself.

Funeral Plan HIV Positive AIDS – HIV/Aids has a Separate Medical Aid Benefit

Most medical aids even have a separate benefit for managing all the costs associated with HIV and AIDS. This makes perfect sense when you think of the enormous costs and resources required for managing the disease, not to mention the many complications that come about because of the disease. If the medical aids didn’t have a separate benefit, their funds would quickly be exhausted. This would mean other loyal medical aid members who make their payments every month wouldn’t have any help from the medical aid as all funds would be depleted.

Funeral Plan HIV Positive AIDS – A Waiting Period of 12 Months

As we have said, HIV is a pre-existing condition, and there is no difference with HIV to any of of the other pre-existing conditions. This means there will be a waiting period for HIV positive people just like for those with the other pre-existing conditions. The general waiting period is 12 months which means you won’t be covered by the medical scheme for the 12 months of your membership. You do however, still have to pay the monthly contribution.

Don’t Hide Your Status – Your Cover can be Terminated

People try and hide their HIV status when joining a medical aid so that they don’t have to sit out the waiting period. Dishonesty doesn’t pay and when found out, it simply means you losing your cover, and once you discover the costs for HIV treatment, you’ll be regretting your moment of dishonesty for the rest of your life.

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