Hiring a Funeral Tent

If you’re considering a funeral tent in order to have enough space for everyone, tents in hosts of sizes and colours can meet your needs. These tents can be gazebos, Moroccan tents, stretch tents, classic tents or alpine tents. Certainly, when you are  planning an outdoor event, your budget and location will be important aspects when choosing a tent.

When considering hiring a funeral tent you will need to keep several things in mind. Some of these will be:

●   Is power available at the location?
●   Do you need a permit?
●   What is the appropriate sized tent?
●   Will you be using the tent for the service or just for catering purposes?
●   What accessories come with the tent?

Funeral Tent
Not only do you need to rent a tent, but you will no doubt need tables and chairs too, lighting, cutlery and crockery and more. Tents for Africa was established in 1995 and today owner, Graham Wansbury, has built up a fantastic reputation based on his quality products and his excellent customer services.

He has visited many funeral homes to research his product – funeral tents –  and discovered a massive demand. He designs and manufactures many different sized tents which of course, are waterproof, to accommodate funerals in the rainy season.

Graham’s very first tent was 10m x 5m and was waterproof and durable – what all his customers were looking for. It wasn’t long before Graham was forced to move to bigger premises in the Bloemfontein area. He started hiring out his tents which were in huge demand for not only funerals, but for every kind of occasion you can think of. He was designing tents ranging from 3m x 3m to  21m x 145m.

News of the Best Funeral Tents Spreads like Wildfire

Soon, via his website, Tents for Africa became known abroad. There was a new demand too which Graham fulfilled – the demand for tent flooring – portable flooring for the inside of the tents.  He developed durable , eco-friendly,  light weight flooring which enhanced his tents further.

The demand for a freestanding funeral tent led him to order Losberger tents in different sizes –  20m x 100m, a tent of 25m x 100m and tent which is 30m x 100m, and to offer them for hire.

A Funeral Tent from Tents for Africa also:

●   Offers air conditioning inside of the tents powered by robust generators.
●   They supply other equipment for hire such as tables, chairs, portable toilets and even a stage.
●   Funeral tents are made of high quality Nylon PVC, making them highly durable.
●   The funeral tents are easy to assemble and disassemble – they fold into a convenient size for transportation.
●   Funeral tents are available to buy and to hire.
●   Check out their Funeral Promotional Package which makes tent hire even more affordable.

Products and Services you Can’t Ignore

Tents for Africa are not concerned about what size funeral you’re catering for – they can pitch a beautiful, stylish funeral tent anywhere and anytime – they’ve got a tent to match every occasion and every budget. These tents come complete with excellent prices and services which make them very hard to ignore.

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