What If the Deceased Wants their Organs Donated?

Organs donated to the Medical profession or for a humanitarian purpose are split into two categories:

  • Organ/tissue donors.
  • Full body donors.

Let’s  begin with donors who want their tissues and organs donated.

If You Wish to Have Your Organs Donated

According to laws of South Africa, if any family member wishes to have their organs donated when they die then the person must register with the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) expressing their willingness to freely donate their organs and or their tissues. Ultimately though their wishes are not binding upon the family.

Organs DonatedIf You Want Your Full Body Donated

Persons involved in a full body donation consent to give away all their body organs. This could imply their entire being. The persons involved primarily have to be registered with the National Tissue Bank (NTB).

In this instance the next of kin does not have to give their formal approval for the donation following the death of the donor. When consent of the body is given by National Tissue Bank then the body will be received and deemed acceptable for medical research and training.

Legal Requirements

The South Africa Law puts a limit to this consent indicating that the next of kin has to equally agree to the decision by the donor immediately after the time their death. This must take place no more than 24 hours after death otherwise the wish will be regarded as invalid.

Accepted or Rejected Organs donated

The right of accepting or receiving the body is left at the discretion of NTB and the medical school. If the institution rejects the body, then all the costs will be borne by the family of the deceased with an exception of moving the body from the mortuary

If accepted and approved, to ensure proper preservation NTB will determine the mortuary where the body can be stored, while pursuing all the necessary paperwork that authorizes the use of the body.

Once paperwork is complete, then the body will be transferred to the Department of Anatomy or a body that is involved in the study of the structure of organism’s and their parts or similarly, the nearest medical school for purposes of research and training.

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