Pet lovers and owners are no longer content to bury their deceased pets in their back yards. They are wanting to provide their four-legged family members with the same ceremonious send off that they themselves have. Just in the USA alone, a massive amount of $43 billion is set aside by traditional undertakers as they offer pet-loss services to their customers. In Britain, thousands of pet funerals take place every year and in fact there are about 50 pet cemeteries in the UK where pet owners are willing to pay a tidy sum for their cremations or burials.

Pet Funerals – Being Buried with Your Pet

People are devastated when their pets die and they are also prepared to pay for counselling to get over their grief with the death of their pet. There is even a pet cemetery in the UK where owners can be buried alongside their pets. At this particular cemetery – Penwith – many animals Pet Funeralsare cremated and some are buried with their owners.  The ash of animals created in a group are scattered over the memorial gardens. This particular pet cemetery is a  member of The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria and they adhere to a strict code of practice.

The funeral industry has seen the need for pet funerals and they have made it their business to understand the needs of their consumers and to meet the demand. That means being able to handle animal cremations which may include larger animals such as horses. Funeral directors establish good relationships with veterinarians in the market so as to be able to offer their customers excellent and caring services.

Cremation a Popular Option for Pets

Many pet crematories and funeral homes offer plenty of services to make the death of a pet that much easier. They will make arrangements to pick up your pet from your or from the veterinary  hospital. If you don’t want to present at your pet’s cremation, they will still return the remains to you. They will also provide a certification of cremation stating your  pet’s name and the date of cremation. Some people want to witness their pet’s cremation. Not all funeral homes make provision for this so you may have to ask for this privilege.

You can choose to store your pet’s ashes in a permanent pet urn or you may want to scatter the cremation remains in your garden or maybe in a field or park where he loved to run. Some people like the idea of storing just a small portion of the ashes in special pet cremation jewellery such as  a pendant, feeling comforted that their pet is ‘close’.
If you are having a difficult time deciding about how to dispose of your pet, cremation is an excellent option for those pet owners who don’t have space to bury their pet at their home. Cremation offers a solution to issues like this.


These days pet funerals are necessary for people who regard their fur-friends as a member of their family – their next-of-kin – and funeral homes offer information and advice on grieving the loss of a pet. They offer lots of products too such as pet caskets and urns and even grave markers at reasonable costs so that pet owners can give their pets a worthy send-off.

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