A Valuable Service From Liberty Funeral Benefit When You Need Them

Death doesn’t only bring a lot of sorrow; it can cause financial tragedies as well as grief. So planning for this event with a Liberty Funeral Benefit plan makes sense.

You are already emotional from all the sadness, and you don’t want to be adding to the sad state of affairs by not having a funeral plan in place.

Without a plan, a funeral can drain all your finances and even leave those left behind with bitter thoughts and regrets.

Some people would turn in their graves if they knew what their deaths have caused. Fortunately, Liberty knows what deaths and funerals can cause. So that’s why they offer the Liberty Funeral Benefit.

Fortunately, Liberty knows what deaths and funerals can cause. So that’s why they offer the Liberty Funeral Benefit.

Freedom and Opportunity to make Choices for the Sake of Your family

Liberty Life was founded in 1957, and their beliefs are wrapped around their name and their logo-flame which is taken from the Statue of Liberty. And the logo represents the same freedom and opportunity.

You can call Liberty anytime on 0860 100 775 because they have a 24/7 funeral assist call centre. Today, apart from asset management and investment, they offer insurance and health products.

They believe that everyone should make financial preparations. Do not burden your nearest and  with the costs of a funeral, in other words.

Your Entire Family is Covered by the Liberty Funeral Benefit

The Liberty Funeral Benefit will help you prepare for the unexpected. Significantly it will provide you with funds to pay forLiberty Funeral Benefit a funeral and all those additional costs that crop up with the death of someone.

Liberty offers their Standard Funeral Plan, their Comprehensive Funeral Plan and their Parents Funeral Plan. The Standard Funeral Plan for instance currently starts at R50 a month and covers up to 21 family members. This Liberty Funeral Benefit plan is designed for South African citizens and permanent residents who want funeral cover for their entire family.

Their Comprehensive Liberty Funeral Benefit Plan is also for South African citizens and permanent residents. It is for those people who want cover for their whole family. Their Funeral Plans for Parents make provision for the expenses of a funeral for parents and parents-in-law.

Liberty Funeral Benefit offers a Host of useful value Added services, Some of which are –

  • Transportation of the body of the deceased
  • Educational benefits for up to 8 of your children
  • Emergency ambulance services
  • Airtime vouchers to assist with arranging the funeral, electricity voucher for three months and a coupon booklet for groceries
  • 15% discount on a headstone at selected funeral parlours
  • Transportation for family members up to a certain amount
  • Help with referrals for autopsy
  • Advice and information 24/7 on what do to if you are exposed to HIV
  • Unlimited assistance with preparing and arranging the funeral
  • You can get advice on every legal aspect relating to a health
  • Help with drafting a Will

A Dignified Send Off for so Little

Providing a dignified funeral for someone can cost a small fortune. Select the Liberty Funeral Benefit for as little as R50 a month and benefit from a meaningful and dignified send-off.

They know how important your family is to you and they have different funeral plans that will make all the difference to ensuring that the death of a family member needn’t mean more catastrophe than there already is.

To get funeral cover for your family, please complete and submit the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing