It is a wise decision to start now with the planning of your family’s future, both practically and financially. And Assupol Absolute Advantage is the right place to start.

By doing this, you will be ensuring that when you are unable to cope, your family will not stress out. By starting now, your family’s needs are taken care of in trying times. Assupol Absolute Advantage can form part of that plan.

Should you pass away, how will your family deal with the aftermath? We are talking immediate needs, not policies such as life insurance. Assupol has a fantastic funeral plan called the Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan.

That is for single people as well as for families. Assupol Absolute Advantage will pay you out within 48 hours, maybe sooner. Whether single or for a family, the maximum covering on this plan is R50 000.

More about Assupol Absolute Advantage and More about What they Can Do for You

Assupol Absolute AdvantageProvision with Assupol Absolute Advantage is made for the spouse and up to five children.

That covers accidental death instantly, and if it is a natural death, you will wait for six months. If you want extra options, you can pay an increased premium for both the single and the family plan.

This policy will provide the following benefits –

  • Add additional family members who are under the age of 79
  • Provide a benefit called Family Income Benefit. That presents an income for up to six months after death
  • Should there be an accidental death, an option is available to pay out double pay
  • Cash back system called Guaranteed Cash Back, allowing you to get cash back even if you have made a claim every four year
  • The option of giving your family insurance after the death of the person who held the policy has passed away, for no premiums, called Premium Waiver.


There isn’t a big difference between the Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan and the Excellence Family Plan, as both offer the same coverage. The Excellence plan doesn’t require medical information from you with theAssupol Absolute Advantage Plan not making mention of this.

Help available with the Assupol on Call benefit

AssupolAssupol on Call benefit will assist you too with HIV/Aids advice. A nursing sister who is qualified will offer you medical assistance telephonically. They also provide ambulance facilities and other means of transport in any medical emergency where life is threatened.  Assupol will also pay the medical admission fee to a medical facility.

Other benefits of Assupol On Call assistance are:

  • Transportation of family members of the deceased as well as the deceased
  • Benefits paid if the person who is the policy holder pass away
  • Counselling for trauma
  • Children’s assistance with tutoring
  • Provision of financial information
  • Discounts available if the policyholder passes away and discounts on funerals too


With the On Call Plus benefit from Assupol, when the life insured passes away, the pay-out will provide for family members to be able to pay for groceries, transport and electricity for instance and once the claim is registered, claims are paid immediately.

Benefits for life

There is also a feature called Paid Up. That is included automatically if you are a policyholder and are under 55-years of age at the start of your policy. Although you won’t be paying premiums after age 65, the benefits are there for life.

There are going to be times of need in the future. With the Assupol Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan, you can rest assured you and your family will be able to cope with bereavement.

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All info was correct at time of publishing