Keepsakes made from a loved one’s ashes

After a cremation what do you do with a loved one’s ashes? Most people scatter them at a place that held memories or meaning for them. Others have made keepsakes from them.

Some keep the ashes in a quiet place almost as a shrine to their loved one. It is the last thing that they have left of the deceased.

However, there is a trend to create keepsakes from the ashes. Here are some of the keepsakes.

Creating a Diamond from Her Husbands ashes gave Her something to Hold on to


When Glynis Barnett’s husband died after 42 years of marriage, she didn’t know what to do with her husband’s ashes. They had never discussed what he would prefer, which made her decision so much harder. She didn’t fancy scattering them to the wind either.

After thinking it over, she decided on having it made into a precious stone, a yellow diamond. She found the company that specialises in doing just this. Now she has a part of her husband around daily as a memento of her love in an unobtrusive way.

More Original and Crazy Ideas on Creating Keepsakes from Ashes

People have made fireworks from the deceased’s ashes and put on a firework display at a place that had happy memories for them. They blast the ashes into space. Some have made an hourglass from the ashes to remind them of the time they had spent together or even set the ashes into the coloured sand for a sandblasted picture.

Another idea was to mix the ashes into paint and create a work of art like a portrait of the deceased or a landscape of the place they lived.

Why do people make keepsakes with their loved ones’ ashes?

This activity might sound strange, but when someone near and dear to you dies all that you have left are their ashes. Pouring their remains out to look at them then putting them back seems just as strange. However creating something from them that can be carried around or put on display makes more sense.

Now you might understand why people want to have a keepsake of the ashes, which they have to hold on to for the rest of their lives, or to pass on to children when both parents are deceased.

It is always hard to let go and to make a keepsake out of a loved one’s ashes makes it a little bit easier.

When a loved-one dies, and after the cremation, it can be a difficult decision for the family on what to do with the ashes. Not everyone wants to scatter the ashes aimlessly into the wind to blow to the four corners of the earth. There will be nothing left as a memorial for the person.

By making a keepsake of the ashes, it might make it easier to let go. And, they have something tangible as a token to the person that they have lost.

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