The Advantages of Funeral Insurance

The advantages of funeral insurance far outweigh the disadvantage of not having insurance.

It’s important to make sure that you and your family have funeral cover. Funerals cost a lot of money today and will probably be more expensive tomorrow.

No one thinks about death, or someone close to them dying, so naturally they don’t plan for it, or to put it another way – they are not saving for the unexpected event

The Advantages of Funeral Insurance covers Any Unexpected Event

advantages of funeral insurance

There are countless reasons why you should consider getting funeral insurance.
And Sanlam is one of those reasons because, when you do take out insurance, ensure that the company is trustworthy and reliable.

That’s where Sanlam comes in. Sanlam has been selling insurance since Ma fell off the bus – luckily she was insured by Sanlam.

Advantages of Funeral Insurance From Sanlam

A funeral policy means you pay a monthly, affordable premium. And depending on what options you take it covers the cost of the funeral should you or any of your family die.

The beneficiary named in the policy will receive money to pay for the funeral, transport, catering, headstone, flowers, funeral home, etc.

Professionals take care of everything, which is another one of the advantages of funeral insurance.

There is no need for any medical exams to get approval. The money that’s paid out from a funeral insurance is less than with a life insurance policy. However, you can have both.

In fact, it’s recommended that everyone should have a life insurance and funeral insurance, especially if you have a family.

Usually, a funeral policy will pay out very soon after death. Once all the relevant documents are received after a death in your family, you will receive the money within 48 hours.

Advantages for your family

If you are the sole breadwinner and your family depends on you to put food on the table and for a roof over their heads – what happens if you’re not there anymore, what are they going to do? How are they going to organise and pay for your funeral?

Funerals are expensive, and getting more expensive over the years. By making sure you provide money for the cost of your funeral, you make the whole process easier for them.

It’s hard enough to let go of a loved one, but there is no reason why your family should have any more problems than necessary.

Sanlam Gives you Peace of Mind

With Sanlam, you will have peace of mind in the event of death in the family.

They offer a world of benefits and options that cover every requirement a family might need in trying times.

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