Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan Should Be Your Choice of Funeral Plan

The Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan is a plan to consider especially with the average funeral cost rising sharply with each passing year. It is certainly worth your while to have a funeral plan in place.

It can be worrying when you realise that without a funeral plan, you might have to settle for a pauper’s funeral for one of your beloved family members should they die.

You wouldn’t be the first in these difficult economic times. It is becoming harder just to put bread on the table. Pre-paid funeral plans are an easy, affordable way to go. Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plans are the way to go.

R80 a Month gives You a Dignified Funeral

WSanlam My Choice Funeral Planhen a family member passes away, you won’t have to try and scrape up R10 000 or more. An affordable funeral plan can be a lifesaver when someone dies.

With the Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan, for as little as just R80 a month you can give deceased a funeral they deserve.

The Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan is all about flexibility. It allows you to select an amount of cover that will suit your pocket. With this plan, you can even take out the cover for your immediate and extended family without having to take out the cover for yourself.

When it comes to choosing funeral plans, people appreciate what the Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan can offer them. Some of the reasons to choose this funeral plan include having access to a range of benefits tailored to your needs and flexibility – you can choose a level of cover that you can afford

But wait – there’s More about the Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan

The Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan is all about choices. They offer you a choice of different products and each one has different benefits to suit your individual needs.

  • Sanlam – My Traditional Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam – My Tribute Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam – My Priority Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam – My Legacy Funeral Plan
  • Sanlam – My Prestige Funeral Plan


When it comes to claiming with the Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan, you will need to send them certain documents. These include their claim form which must be correctly filled in. They will also want a certified copy of the ID of the person claiming as well as the deceased.

Other documents will include –

  • A copy of the the death certificate
  • A completed police report if the cause of death was due to unnatural causes
  • Proof of banking details – this must include a bank stamped statement or salary slip if proceeds are to be paid into an account other than your regular bank account.
  • Certified copy of- and fully completed BI1663/DHA-1663 or B11680

Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan Goals

The goal of Sanlam is to be a leader when it comes to protection in South Africa. Because Sanlam acts with integrity and respect, you can be sure that the funeral cover and plans you choose from them are the best.

They were established in 1918 and are a prominent part of the South African business landscape. Sanlam just adapt to the changing demands of the environment in which they operate so as to offer excellent services and products to their customers.

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All info was correct at time of publishing